• What Kind of Blowdryer Should I Buy?


    One of the best things you can do to get healthy, gorgeous hair is invest in a proper hair dryer. Cheaply made dryers tend to run too hot, and can leave your hair feeling straw -like and damaged. They also tend to have heavy motors that can leave you feeling fatigued in minutes. A free arm workout is nice, but let’s be honest we all complain about how blowdrying our own hair is like trying to do acrobatics  in the bathroom!

    There are a ton of hairdryers out there. For my at home clients I suggest they try investing in a  T3 Featherweight Journey Blow Dryer. It fuses state-of the art technology with a light-weight portable body, which makes it perfect for traveling. The flat, Tourmaline concentrated nozzle and two speed/heat settings are perfect for achieving that salon-perfect blow out. Yes, it is a bit pricey but you can’t go to the store and buy new hair (well, technically you can, but that’s a whole other post!). What I’m trying to say, is invest in your hair and the tools you have so your hair stays healthy and bouncy. Your style will keep longer and you’ll be less frazzled when you get ready. A win-win all around!

    My other must have: this  volumizing  mousse for babe-a-licious big hair that will wake you up the next day over with bed heady goodness!

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  • Curls While You Sleep

    Guess what girls?!  It’s BACK IN STOCK!

    This Curls While You Sleep Kit is perfect for any lady who loves to get glamorous without much work. My twist on classic rag curls is quick & easy and will leave you with a head full of body that lasts for days. Hair that works all night so you don’t have to!


    WHY I HANDPICKED THIS SPRAY GEL : I tried so many different spray gels — some were sticky or flaky or smelled like alcohol. Eww. But this one smells like rosemary & citrus and, as an extra bonus, organic. It’s so nice to read the ingredients and know how to pronounce the words! I use this on set when doing blowouts or a sped-up version of this curling technique. (I use the blowdryer or diffuser on hair wrapped around the headband.) Even though it has super holding strength, it is always brushable, giving me a lot of options when needing to change styles. This spray gel doubles as a great product for smoothing down flyways, too.

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  • The BobCat Cut

    The BobCat | SB Beauty

    The BobCat (also known as The Bob) has been making a prawl across the hair scene lately. You’ve seen it on Karlie Kloss, Catherine McNeil, Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Blunt, just to name a few. If you’re thinking of making the cut, fall/winter seasons are the best time to try it out — you’ll save time drying your hair and have some extra healthy locks for the warm months. Here are some of my tips on knowing which BobCat is right for you:


    If you’re curious but not ready to commit, test drive the look with a wig! Go to a wig shop to try on a few shapes and lengths to see if you like the transformation. If you have short hair and need some length while your locks grow (tips to grow your hair out), you can create a temporary long-haired look using clip-in extensions. (Watch my Extensions video to see how to put them in. You might also want to have your hairdresser customize them so they are a perfect match for you.)


    If you are attached to your length and just want to trick your friends into thinking you took the plunge, have a one night stand with bob using my Faux Bob video.


    There are different types of bobs out there: angled, square or rounded; one length, layered or textured; full bangs, side bang or no bang. Knowing your face shape  and hair texture before making the cut is important. Read my tips on finding a good hairdresser. Or if you wanna see me, sign up and I’ll let you know next time I’m in your town.

    BobCat Inspiration | SB Beauty


    Learn how to Blow Out your new short hair along with Ten Short Hairstyles. Knowing as many ways to live with your BobCat (or any hairstyle for that matter) makes days so much easier.


    The bonus about this look is you have so many options with accessories and cute collared shirts. With less hair in the way, you can embellish with necklaces and earrings! Here are some of my favorites:



    Have you tried the BobCat? Which look is your favorite? Which piece of jewelry do you want?

  • Denim Days

    I’ve been OBSESSED with all things denim. There’s something about the fabric that makes it chic and yet totally casual at the same time.  I love throwing on a pair of faded denim shorts, a soft button up and some cute boots for a quick trip to the coffee shop, but I can also throw on a pair of fitted Levi’s with some heels and lipstick for a look that is totally fancy-dinner date worthy.

    Check out some of my favorite denim items above or check out my Denim Days Pinterest Board for more  inspiration.

    What’s your favorite way to wear denim?