Holiday Sale: Curls For Your Girls

The winter months are infamous for wreaking havoc on your hair. If your hair is getting a lot of action from your blow-dryer and irons, it’s probably dry and overworked. I wanted to create something that could help you hair look healthy and styled, without taking up too much time in the morning. That’s why[…..]

Ramirez|Tran Salon

I’ll be taking clients at Ramirez|Tran Salon Saturday Dec 20th. For bookings you can ring  310-724-8167 or admin@sunniebrook.com I would love to meet you and help you with your hair! Here are some recents haircuts and color changes I’ve done! Need some hair inspiration for fall? Follow me on instagram for haircut and color ideas! XO[…..]

The Swag is the Next Big Hollywood Haircut

As featured on Byrdie.com Once upon a time not too long ago, the long bob cut (and its catchy portmanteau) skyrocketed to popularity, appearing on celebrities like Kerry Washington, Lily Collins, Nicole Richie, and countless others seemingly overnight. But before it was the hottest cut of the year, it was cropping up in Hollywood hair[…..]

The Party Time To Go Kit

The holiday season is upon us, and with it come holiday parties, dinners, and a bevy of other social engagements. I love dressing up for the holidays. Cocktail dresses, cute makeup and oh yeah, LOTS AND LOTS OF BIG HAIR. Wear big curls to your besties party, adorn your messy bun to the family Christmas[…..]

Ten Short Hairstyles

If you’ve got short hair, then I bet you’re itching for some new looks. It’s easy to get in a rut and forget that you have just as much versatility as the long-haired ladies! Have fun with the locks you have by learning + using ten  short hairstyles that will make you fall in love[…..]

Dianna Agron’s Red Carpet Look

Hair by Sunnie Brook / Makeup by Georgie Eisdell  For Dianna Agron’s UNICEF Masquerade Ball appearance we were very inspired by Ellen Von Unwerth and wanted to create a look that was playful but classic with a soft airy texture. To play off the strong lines of her dress and the fullness of the skirt[…..]

Three Quick Updos

I often get asked about easy hairstyles for longer hair. Lots of hairstyles require lots of know-how, tons of product, and the ability to use hair pins like a pro. If you want to wear your hair up in a cute way, but don’t want to spend hours trying to style it, then these three,[…..]

Darling Magazine

For the fall issue of Darling Magazine we decided to do a campaign called #RealNotRetouched. All the photos in the issue are of real women (including these!) just as they are! Working on photoshoots I see alot of images before they go to the retoucher and it’s pretty magical what they can do in photoshop.[…..]

What is Hair Toner?

  Let’s talk about those zebra stripes, Ladies… I see them running around everywhere like a safari gone wild, and I don’t mean Katy Perry! Most of us have been there in the salon chair hoping for the beautiful moment when the chair whirls around… only to see we have bars running across the top[…..]

Chrissy Teigens Hair Comb

Re-post from ALLURE.com I don’t claim to know a lot about sports, but I can tell you this: Chrissy Teigen’s hair game at the ESPY Awards last night was ON POINT. What stood out to me most was her too-cool-for-school metal hair clip, which looked like some sort of punk-rock, gilded animal tooth. Turns out,[…..]

Date Night : Lifestyle Video

A huge thank you to Refinery 29 for featuring our video this week. Yay! I love getting to collaborate with the talented Claire Thomas (creator of blog The Kitchy Kitchen and host of TV show Food for Thought) to create fun lifestyle videos for you. This first one is called DATE NIGHT!   For a[…..]

Find a Hairdresser You Love

Your hair is the outfit you never take off so it better be good! Investing a bit of money in your hair should be at the top of your wardrobe budget because it really is the woman’s crown. So – first things first – you need to marry a hairdresser. Well, not really but if[…..]