Two Wings

Body image, sexuality and self esteem issues are widespread, not just in the beauty industry but in every woman’s life. Working in this field has made me even more aware of daily female struggles. Personally, I’ve known many women who battle such issues, including my birth mother. I saw first hand how we must build ourselves — and each other — UP.

Because of my personal story, I have always been passionate about helping women see and achieve their fullest potential. Using my skills in the beauty industry has been one way; working with charities throughout the years has been another. Yet, when I moved to LA, I really longed to partner with a local group — I wanted to work in “my own backyard.” I spent a year looking, searching and talking to friends about this longing.

When I met Elena of Two Wings, I knew this was where I wanted to invest.

Two Wings uses education, mentoring and life coaching to empower at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking in achieving their dreams in the greater Southern California region.

As a business woman, I can share my resources in a way that can create change and multiple growth beyond each job I do. Not only will there be limited edition SB + TW store collaborations, but 10% of all SB Loves Beauty Shop profits goes directly to the funding of Two Wings.

We have been given much and, therefore, have much to give. I know that I am only one person. But the truth is . . . my one little seed will grow. I believe that if we continue to invest and nurture something (and someone), it will grow into a big tree and feed many.

I am excited to be a partner with Two Wings and begin this journey with their team. I’m ready to see their growth and witness all the women grow, too. I invite you to join me. We can all celebrate life together.