Win a Makeover!


When I was a little girl my dad was a park ranger and worked by a campground that had tall eucalyptus trees that thousands of monarch butterflies would flock to seeking shelter from the freezing northern winds. They would cover the branches and leaves changing the shape and texture of the trees. My brothers and sisters and I would be mesmerized by their simplicity, joy, and wondrous beauty.

In school I learned that butterflies were not always butterflies they were once caterpillars. Such mysterious little creatures. One day walking home from school I discovered a fuzzy little black caterpillar in the crack of the sidewalk that looked like a tiny mustache. Fuzzy – I liked to call her – made friends with the palm of my hand and rode home on the tip of my finger. With a cheeky smile I  showed my dad what had followed me home and he helped me find a jar and stick for it to hang out on. Some time passed and that “little mustache” started creating the most intricate snug cocoon. A miracle I had never seen. Each morning I would wake up eager to see what had happened in the night to my treasure. My dad suggested we take the stick out of the jar and  put it on our porch to ensure that my treasure could transform into a butterfly. Day after day I would gaze and hope that today would be the day I would see my first butterfly born. I came home from school one day right as the butterfly was stretching out of it’s cocoon. I was mesmerized. So tiny. So detailed. So beautiful.

There have been a few memories in my life that remind me of the pleasure found in the transformation process. As I grew up I would transform my sister’s with hairstyles I’d seen in the newest Paula Abdul video or Punky Brewster show. Every day my dolls had a new hairstyle (or haircut – sorry Mom!) or some form of “makeup” drawn across their face.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing transformation with moms, friends, clients, men, women, all people with unique stories they have shared with me and personal beauty I’ve experienced. It’s been a treasure to help them see themselves in new ways.

Reflecting on this over the holidays gave me the idea to open up this experience to more of you- my readers. If you live in Los Angeles and would like to have a Makeover Day with me you can sign up here. I’d love to celebrate more of your stories and transformations on the blog with other women in hopes that we can inspire eachother. So what’s your story? what would you like me to help you with? Let’s play dress up!

Here are a few pictures of before and afters I’ve done . . . .


 Here’s a makeover I did on one of my readers, now dear friend Cassandra on her birthday!  If you’re a hair or makeup artist and you love doing makeovers, check out the event “True Skin Beauty ” with the women of Two Wings and email me if you’d like to be involved.

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