What is Hair Toner Video



One of the questions I get asked the most is “What is hair toner and how do I use it?”

Let’s say you’re getting your hair colored, and you find that  your hair looks a little bit orange, yellow-orange or red.  The way to fix that is by asking your hairstylist to use a hair toner.

A while ago I did a blog post explaining what hair toner is, but I never really went into how it actually works so I create this video to give you a simple, brief explanation.

It has everything to do with color theory. Hair colorists use a color wheel in order to determine what sort of toner your hair needs.

Microsoft PowerPoint - LandingPage-BestPractices.pptx

For example, if your hair is yellowish-orange, the way you would go about correcting that is by using a complimentary color (which in this case would be blue-violet) to neutralize your hair color. The complimentary hair color is always the one directly across from the color that you’re trying to correct.

Same goes for if you have too much red in your hair. If you look at the color wheel, you’ll see that the complimentary color  is green, and will help cancel out the red in your hair.

Most professional toners are best left to your colorist to use, but there are definitely toners that you can use yourself.

Purple Shampoo is great for toning blonde hair, and keeping it from looking brassy. It’s not permanent in any way, it just sits on top of your hair shaft and camouflages the brassy color. It’s what I use once a week my hair to neutralize those gold tones that like to creep into my highlights.

What other questions do you have about toners or haircolor? Did you find this video helpful?