Two Wings


We all have a story and a journey that has helped shape who we are, and how we see the world. Some of us have stories that have been challenging, calling us to step beyond the hurdles that life has handed us. Some of us have come from places of safety and security in our lives, inspiring hope and aspiration to not only ourselves, but also to those around us. These beautiful tapestries of Us make this world full, and bright, and keeps curiosity about the human heart, and journey ticking. Sometimes I find myself reflecting on my life and wonder how I got to where I am today: a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, hairdresser, and beauty blogger. It’s been a long  journey, and all the chapters have taken me to places I never imagined.

The women of Two Wings make up a story that is now dear to my heart. My life feels busy and filled to the brim with the things I’m passionate about (most days), but I’d have to say that my relationship with this organization gives me a lot of joy. It humbles my heart again and again. Although I have been working with them for close to 2 years, my story with them began much earlier.

It began when I was a little girl born to a young teenager who had to make a living to provide for her baby girl – me. We lived in Jacksonville, Florida and my mom was a well known stripper. She was beautiful, tall, and glamorous. I would watch her and her roommate get ready for “work”. Sometimes they would take turns on the dance floor so that someone could watch us in the back dressing room while they made their money. I was young, but I remember the sequins, lace, dancing, and beautiful women. I also remember the men, drugs, fights and sadness surrounding my mother’s job. I admired her beauty, but I also had a deep desire to protect her and see her safe, even then as a child. I lost my mother when I was very young, but she left with me a desire to help women, and she left me with a passion for beauty. For many years this has been played out in my chair, in the beauty industry, and helping other women.

A few years ago I was reminded of these first few years of my life, at the time I was becoming busier and more engrossed in my work. I realized that I was yearning for something that was outward focused, bigger than me, challenging my heart, and life to be something more. I knew I wanted to be involved with women, and I wanted to do it on a local level within my community. I wanted to give back, not just my money, but my time and resources. It was around that time that I met Elena of Two Wings. She shared with me her passion and vision for helping women who are survivors of sex trade to pursue their dream vocations. The day we met was a reminder of where I had come from, and the life that I am so grateful for. I am honored to be able to help this team of women make a difference in the lives of women in my community, forever.

I encourage you to learn more about   Two Wings , especially if you live in Southern California and see if their organization speaks to your heart. Here are a couple more interviews with two of their volunteers.


Sunnie Brook