The Triple Mohawk Braid

Triple Mohawk Braid

The Triple Mohawk Braid

I’ve been really into updos + braids lately. Maybe its because NYC + LA have been SWELTERING hot, and I’ve been wanting to keep the hair out of my face, but I’ve been experimenting with lots of different ways tie back my hair. You can check my “Quick Gym Hair” video or my ” Mohawk Braid ” video.


Today’s video is one of my favorite looks. It’s super sporty, and looks like a really hard style to create, but its not. It’s actually super easy, and you’ll have a fun wavy texture when you take your hair out.

Rat-tail Comb
Snag-free Elastics
Boar Bristle Brush

  1. You want to start off by following all the steps in my Mohawk Braid Ponytail video.
  2. Braid both other sections and tie off with an elastic.
  3. Combine all three braids into one big braid.
  4. Tie off your super-braid and you’re finished:)

What’s your favorite braided hairstyle? Would you wear this one? What other styles would you like to learn?