Touch of Faith

Today, I have to tell you about the most amazing experience I had recently.

As a beauty professional myself, I am constantly servicing others so when I get a chance to actually treat myself, it is such a pleasure. My recent experience at Touch of Faith Aesthetics has topped them all!

Over the years I have never been a huge fan of getting facials but I realize that it was because no one has taken the time to educate me on my skin and customize my daily ritual.

I kept hearing about Faith through celebrities and various people in the industry that had amazing stories of her healing their skin and there being no one else that they would ever let touch their skin again. So I went in with high expectations.

She requires that you do an hour consultation with her and bring in the current products you are using. The consultation is so thorough they even take pictures of your skin to document the process you will go through over the months.

The thing about Faith that really stood out to me was her honesty and desire to share her knowledge with others. She is truly passionate about what she does and incredibly down to earth. So refreshing.

After the consultation, I decided to go ahead and book a facial with Anna Logan, who Faith highly recommended. Through the whole process she educated me about the why’s and how’s of what she was using and even suggested some foods I could incorporate into my diet to help my skin. After she finished the 1 1/2 long facial I nearly cried because I felt so empowered with the information the whole team gave me… and even more so because I really felt taken care of!

They introduced me to a few new products from Epicuren (I’ve already been a huge fan), Youngblood Cosmetics and Evening Primrose Oil (which I am currently testing out and will be sharing with you next week.)

If you’re in LA or coming for a visit, treat yourself. Trust me. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself!

  • Hi Sunnie,

    I have terrible acnetic skin and am always interested in trying new products that might help with the breakouts. Based on your recommendation I purchased the Epicuren kit which includes the apricot scrub and cleanser and the enzyme toner, concentrate, and gel as well as the emulsion face lotion. After one week of use my skin has definitely improved but I was wondering what skincare regime you are on. My skin has a hard time exfoliating on its own so when I read your initial blog on Epicuren products and using the glycolic polymer it immediately grabbed my attention because it sounded similar to my situation. Thank you!