Thick & Full Hair


One of the number one questions I frequently get asked is, “How can I get thicker fuller hair?”. If you’re not one of the lucky ducks that has hair like a horse then you will eat up these helpful tips! Your hair, skin, and nails are outgrowths of what you put into your body, so starting there is key. The results of this can take a few weeks. For you impatient peeps I added a few of my favorite styling products and tools that will give you immediate wam-bam results!  Here are my 6 must do’s for your do!



  1. Biotin Vitamins – promotes healthy hair growth and protects the hair against dryness. It also increases the elasticity of the hairs cortex preventing breakage.
  2. Omega 3’s – Combat dry and brittle hair, hair loss, dry, flaky scalp, and increases circulation to the scalp.
  3. Protein – Your hair is made of protein so eating a balanced diet will help ensure the health of your hair. Try eating 45 grams daily.
  4. Zinc – helps combat shedding by keeping the immune system healthy.


  1. H&S Full & Thick Treatment – this powerhouse product makes your hair 2x thicker after the 1st use! Studies have shown that after a 3 week usage a 6% increase in the diameter of each fiber can be seen. Use on wet or dry hair on the areas that you want to see increased fullness.
  2. Tease Me Kit – Volumizing Hairspray – Get frenchy fullness with this fine mist hairspray that will hold hair in place with out leaving the hair sticky.  Teasing Comb – I like to call this the fairy godmother wand for volume! The tiny little teeth are great for adding volume at your roots. Use the other side of the comb to give lift to your look, and detail your style.


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  • Very good sharing really helpful blog post i like it.

  • Couldn’t agree more. What goes in must come out! Healthy diet = healthier hair. You can’t booze, smoke and eat bad food without it taking a toll on your skin, hair and nails 🙂

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