The Perfect Ponytail


I love a good ponytail- it looks good on everyone! Here are some tips on creating the perfect ponytail.

Tools You’ll Need To Create a Bump-Free Ponytail :

1. Brush your hair back using the Boar Bristle Brush.
2. Take all your hair into your hands to create a ponytail.
3. If you have a shorter face, create a high ponytail, and if you have a longer face, pull your hair into a lower ponytail.
4. Use one hand to hold the ponytail, and use your Boar Bristle Brush to smooth the top of your hair down.
5. Use the rubberband to tie your hair back
6. Take a piece of hair, spray it with finishing spray, and wrap it around your pony-tail.
7. Secure with a bobby pin.
8. Use the end of the rat-tail comb to flatten any bumps you may have left in your ponytail.