The Perfect Cat Eye with Claire Thomas


Creating the perfect cat eye can be kind of tricky, especially getting both sides to look even. There’s nothing worse than a crooked cat eye, so I teamed up with my friend Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen to show you how to create the perfect cat eye!


  1.  In order to make both eyes match use some scotch tape.
  2.  Before using it on the face, stick the scotch tape to your hands a couple times to make it less sticky (and less painful to remove).
  3. Create a line by placing scotch tape at a diagonal angle on both of your eyes. This creates a guide for you!
  4. Use a primer on your eye lids to help the liner go on smooth and stop it from bleeding.
  5. Use a liquid liner and start in the middle of the eye, using small strokes to create a line.
  6. Remove the tape.
  7. To open up and brighten your eyes, use a white eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer across your lid.
  8. Save time by doing your face makeup after you do your eye makeup.
  9. Use an angled brush and brow powder to accentuate your eyebrows in a natural way!


What’s your favorite eye makeup? Do you have any other tips or tricks that you do for creating your cat eye?

  • This is still one of the hardest things in makeup for me, together with applying falsies! Thanks for the tips.