The Kardashian Boxer Braid


The Kardashian Boxer Braid

Katy Perry brought boxer braids back into the spotlight in a major way a couple of years ago in her live performance of Roar. I loved her look so much, that I even did a how-to video on getting the look! A great way to change up your  look for a night out, the gym or to give you hair a major mane moment when you took out your braids.

It seems like the boxer braids are making another huge comeback! This classic style has been rocked by almost all of the Kardashian sisters, and Katy Perry just wore them again as well at the Grammy’s. It can be a little bit of a challenge to do on yourself but watching my video should help break down this look into a few easy steps to help you be braiding in no time. If you’re new in the french braiding game, try doing just a single french braid to get a hang of things first. If you have a mirror that opens out in the bathroom so you can see the back while you braid that is really helpful too.

Braid Paste
Hair Powder
Texture Spray
Leave-In Conditioner
Hair Serum
Hair Extensions
Hair Elastics
Bobby Pins

  1. Start with clean hair that you blow-dried using a hair serum + leave in conditioner.
  2. Brush all the tangles out so that braiding is easy. Create a center part all the way down your head.
  3. Divide into two sections, and tie both away
  4. Take one of your ponytails.
  5. Take a small section at the top, and divide it into three section.
  6. You’re going to do a top braid by braiding under the middle strand, rather than onto.
  7. Continue to add into the the braid by taking equal small sections from the sides.
  8. Braid all the way down.
  9. Do the same on the other side.
  10. If you have slippery hair or fine hair, use texture spray and hair powder to create a better grip.
  11. You can also use braid paste to create more defined braids and control those layers that like to pop out.



Love braids and want more? Check out my video on creating a “Fishtail Braid” and my how-to on creating a braided boxer bun.

What do you think of this look? Are there other braid hairstyles you would like to learn?



  • I don’t like that it’s now called the Kardashian braid. They definitely weren’t the first to rock it. But I DO love this hairstyle 🙂

  • Alixee

    This hairstyle is from the african/african american community and has been “rocked” for hundreds of years before Katy Perry. Please don’t help with the erasure of our culture and contributions.