The Double Bubble


While I was in New York, I worked on a feature for Cosmo which was all about making  hair buns look less basic.

My favorite bun of the bunch was the one featured above, which we dubbed the Double Bubble. It’s messy and chic, and pretty cool looking! To top that its incredibly easy and works great on short hair too! Check out the little Bathroom Beauty Series video I did to find out how to create this trendy bun!


How- To

1. Take your hair into two sections, splitting it at the top of your ear, where your head starts to curve down.

2. Take the top section and wrap it around once (as if making a ponytail).

3. Wrap it around a second time, but don’t pull it all the way through- create a loop!

4. Take the bottom section and repeat on the bottom.

5. Rub a bit on your crown to get texture.

#Tip: Use a no snag elastic to keep from damaging your hair! Available in my beauty shop!


What do you think of this look? What other looks would you like to learn? Do you have any questions about how to do this?