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The BobCat (also known as The Bob) has been making a prawl across the hair scene lately. You’ve seen it on Karlie Kloss, Catherine McNeil, Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Blunt, just to name a few. If you’re thinking of making the cut, fall/winter seasons are the best time to try it out — you’ll save time drying your hair and have some extra healthy locks for the warm months. Here are some of my tips on knowing which BobCat is right for you:


If you’re curious but not ready to commit, test drive the look with a wig! Go to a wig shop to try on a few shapes and lengths to see if you like the transformation. If you have short hair and need some length while your locks grow (tips to grow your hair out), you can create a temporary long-haired look using clip-in extensions. (Watch my Extensions video to see how to put them in. You might also want to have your hairdresser customize them so they are a perfect match for you.)


If you are attached to your length and just want to trick your friends into thinking you took the plunge, have a one night stand with bob using my Faux Bob video.


There are different types of bobs out there: angled, square or rounded; one length, layered or textured; full bangs, side bang or no bang. Knowing your face shape  and hair texture before making the cut is important. Read my tips on finding a good hairdresser. Or if you wanna see me, sign up and I’ll let you know next time I’m in your town.

BobCat Inspiration | SB Beauty


Learn how to Blow Out your new short hair along with Ten Short Hairstyles. Knowing as many ways to live with your BobCat (or any hairstyle for that matter) makes days so much easier.


The bonus about this look is you have so many options with accessories and cute collared shirts. With less hair in the way, you can embellish with necklaces and earrings! Here are some of my favorites:



Have you tried the BobCat? Which look is your favorite? Which piece of jewelry do you want?

  • Kiss & Make-up

    My boyfriend likes this kind of hair cut. And so do I, on others. But on me? With my flat lifeless hair it would just look ridiculous and sad. You need oomph for this!

  • Elease Fields

    I am growing out a pixie cut, I cut it almost two months ago. I would love to grow it in to something like the video with Danielle Cedillo. Does anyone, or Sunnie, have any tips for growing out hair (particularly a pixie cut)?

  • Amy Filippaios

    This is such a striking look, but you do need thicker hair to make it look great. Wish I had the hair (and the confidence) to do this!