Supermodel Waves (Sephora Feature)


I had the pleasure of working with two of my favorite beauty companies, Sephora + Mane Addicts to create this tutorial video for you.

If you follow me at all, you know that I LOVE big, luxurious waves. I live for that volume! So I wanted to show you how to get gorgeous Supermodel WAVES that last all night long.



  1. Start with clean hair.
  2. Wet your hair to prep it with product (or towel-dried hair)
  3. Section your hair + comb out tangles.
  4. Apply your primer.
  5. Apply anti-frizz treatment.
  6. Apply thickening mousse.
  7. Repeat to all sections
  8. Use your hairdryer on a high-heat setting and blow-dry your hair upside down.
  9. Resection your hair.
  10. Use your curling iron, and start curling the bottom section using my wrapping technique.
  11. Make sure you let your hair cool before brushing out.
  12. Once everything is curled, apply hairspray.
  13. Let cool or use your hairdryer’s cool setting to set.
  14. Brush out.
  15. You can use the flat-iron to design the style to your liking.
  16. Use your finishing spray to add even more volume.



  • Ooooh yes, very 90s supermodelly indeed, hehe. I’m very intrigued by the new Dyson hairdryer, but I rarely blowdry my hair so I just can’t justify investing in it at the moment.