Six Tips To Wake Up with Perfect Hair

bfed5f6e099b8a49d2f1df5415c57316Six Tips To Wake Up with Perfect Hair

Whenever I hear the word “bed-head”, I immediately think of perfectly tousled, messy hair, full of volume and shine.  In reality, however, most of us don’t wake up with our hair looking like that of a 90’s supermodel. Effortless hair is rarely effortless, so I wanted to write a post about different products + techniques you can use to wake up with *almost* perfect looking hair.

1. Switch out your pillow cases.

Switching from cotton to silk can totally change the way your hair looks in the AM. Cotton can cause it to frizz out, but getting a silk pillow case or wrapping your head in a silk scarf will keep your hair shiny and smooth.

2. Use crease-free elastics.

The best kind to use are actually scrunchies. You just don’t want to have it leave a harsh crease or dent in your hair.

3. Braid away.

Use some smoothing serum or a tiny bit of oil and run through the ends of damp, almost dry hair. French-braid, wrap in silk scarf, and when you wake in the morning, you’ll have perfect smooth looking waves.

4. Mousse is your best friend.

If you have limp hair that has a hard time holding style, this trick is for you. Run some styling mousse through damp hair. Divide your hair into four sections. Twist into buns and sleep your way into loose, breezy waves.

5. Keep it straight.

If you want straight, shiny hair, flat iron your hair at night. Tie it in a ponytail with a silk ribbon, and wrap it in a silk scarf. You may have to hit it with a straightening iron again the next day, but the time will be cut down drastically.

6. Curls While You Sleep

Check out this video to create perfect curls while you sleep.


Do you wake-up and go? What are your favorite sleep-hair tricks?

  • I sleep on a silk pillow case. Not sure if I can tell a difference, but ehhhh, can’t hurt right?