How To Style Your Short Haircut


Long hair can be oh-so-glamorous, but also oh-so-boring because you can easily fall into a routine of just wash and go. Deciding to do the chop can be scary but also as thrilling as finding that perfect outfit or bag you’ve been searching for. Sometimes taking a chance and choosing a change can be just the taste of freedom, adventure or newness you have been craving.

A word of advice though if you’ve just broken up with someone or had a baby or major life change WAIT! In a month or two if you still feel the need to chop your hair off then go for it girl!

Now if you have been brave or a big fan of shorter styles here are some looks to inspire you, and keep things interesting each morning as you dress and decide what to wear. The best thing about short hair are the easy options and quick changes. Here are a few of my how-to-videos on short hair and ways to style: 10 Short Hairstyles , Short Hair Blowout and  6 Short Hairstyles.

How to Style Your Short Haircut


1. Tuck It – part hair on side using the arch of the brow as a guide. Brush side with less hair down. Use a pomade to help hold it in place and secure with a bobby pin. Use a one inch iron to create loose waves on the other side and spray with hairspray to hold. Use a teasing comb to create height or increase volume if needed.

2. Tousle It – blow dry a surf spray into damp hair using fingers as you dry to control hair and create texture. Once dry use a pomade to create separation and definition in the style.

3. Clip It – Using the arch of the eyebrow place a few dainty barrettes or colored bobby pins to add a bit of oh la la to your look or to keep in place bangs you are growing out.

4. Pump it Up – spray a volumizer into roots. Using a medium round brush and blowdryer, dry roots using the brush to create volume and a bit of bend in the hair. Hold in place with a medium hold hairspray.

5. Chic Sleek- Dampen hair with a spray bottle. Create a deep side part in hair.  Comb medium hold gel into hair and clip in place to let the hair airdry. Once dry remove clip and comb thru hair gently finishing with a shine spray to give the hair sheen.

6. Twist it – blend pesky bangs into you hair with a twist and a few bobby pins places in the hair going against the twist to create maximum hold.

Have short hair and want to know how to grow it out? More tips here.

Which one of these looks is your favorite? Would you like to learn how to get any of these haircuts?




  • Sone girls look amazing with a short do, but I personally would never cut my hair short like that.

  • Eek! This makes me want to chop my hair again!

    xx kate