Short Hair Blow Out

You met Danielle in the How to Trim Your Bangs video. Well, here she is again with the fresh new haircut I gave her! What a fun before + after! For all you Bobbed ladies out there, this video shows you how to blow dry your short hair. Once you’ve mastered this, take a lesson on Ten Short Hair Styles. So fun you’ll be toying with the idea of snipping your length off. The short hair blow out will leave your hair looking and feeling like you just left the salon!

Short Hair Blowout


  1. Apply volumnizing product to damp, towel dried hair.
  2. Focus product on the roots, and evenly distribute throughout the crown and sides
  3. Apply smoothing serum from the ears to ends of your hair.
  4. Blow dry the hair, focusing on the bangs first.
  5. Use a back and forth motion to blow dry your bangs, and make sure you don’t lift them.
  6. Keep the airstream of the blow dryer pointing downward.
  7. Lift and create volume on both sides of your head and the crown.
  8. Keep air pointing upward on the roots to create volume.
  9. When blowdrying the crown, aim the airstream towards the front of your  head
  10. Once the roots are dry, aim the hair stream downward onto the ends of your hair
  11. Use a solid ceramic and ionic straightening iron.
  12. Flat iron the bottom sections of hair first
  13. Comb your hair prior to flattening the ends
  14. Just use the straightening iron on your ends, as to keep the volume you created early in the roots.
  15. Apply a shine spray and you’re done!

Short Hair Blow Out | SB BeautyHow cute will this cut look with scarves and petticoats?! Tell me more about your short-hair woes.

  • Ali

    Hi Sunnie,
    I don’t know if you read these comments or not, but I really love Danielle’s makeup! I have similar features as her, and I was wondering how she did her makeup look. Winged liner? Pink cheeks?
    You are truly an inspiration!
    xox- Ali

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Ali,

      Here is what Danielle said she used –
      a dark brown kohl pencil liner on my eyes
      Lined the upper lid with a slight winged tip, and the lower outside lash line–connecting the upper and lower.
      For the shadow, I just kept it simple and used a warm shimmery nude.. on the lids and inner corners only.
      For the cheeks, I used a warm tan bronzer with a touch of shimmer in it.
      On the lips was a peachy orange lip gloss.

  • I just got this haircut and took 11 inches off for Locks of Love and have been struggling with how to do fun looks. I’m so excited to see these 10 looks!! Thanks you, Sunnie!

  • Ali

    YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you so much!
    Keep your beauty-licious posts coming!

  • I sometime work as a hair model and lately I’ve got a bad experience with some flashy blond highlights and a weird cut.. Since I was to attend a ceremony soon after that I went to the hair stylist and got a fresh cut.
    It looked so cute on the photo I showed to the hair stylist…and so frizzy and weird on me.. And I was pretty frustrated…..wondering if I should cut it some more to get a cut ‘easier to take care of’..
    Then I stumbled upon a video on youtube.
    And there it was: a pretty girl named Danielle showing how to make good use of that same cut in 10 different ways…and…the funniest thing is that even her highlights and hair colour is so similar to mine that I couldn’t help but think: “ok. Somebody out there listened to my grumbling and answered!” ..
    Tomorrow I’ll try to trim my bangs, and the short hair blown out shown in this post. 🙂
    You officially made my day. Thank you! ^^

    (and…sorry, my English is twisted and hard to understand..)

  • Hi Sunnie-

    I love your blog…and of course Danielle. Love, love, love her cut. Can you please tell me what hair texture she has?

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you!
      Danielle has fine hair but with density (packed in!) and a slight wave to her hair which gives
      her the option to go from straight to wavy very easily.


  • Hi Sunnie,
    LOVE your blog. I can’t thank you enough for this video. I am in the middle of growing out a pixie, and watching this video keeps me from pulling my hair out. I’m having dreams about this haircut, it’s so adorable! I cannot wait until my hair is long enough to get this look. What should I tell my stylist to do when I go to get this particular haircut? I have similar hair texture, as my hair is fine and slightly wavy. Thanks so much in advance!

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you so much for asking. Pixie cuts can be fun to grow out because you have so many accessories and options to do while it is growing out (this helps keep you patient too:)
      When you go into your stylist bring a picture of Danielle’s bob cut with you. You should be able to pull it from my blog or my interest. Go to a stylist you trust and that is good at doing this haircut. I used a tool called a “carving comb” by Paul Mitchell to cut her hair. It’s like a razor for your hair. I gave her a slight graduated layer along the bottom and chose to use the razor because it gives the ends more of a “lived in” fell. You can bring this comment post in to your
      stylist as well. Hope that helps and would love to see a pic! If you get a chance post it on my FB page.

      Cheers xo

  • Loved your video!! May I ask, What video editor do you use??

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Cristina,

      I use i-movie sometimes but have an editor now who used final cut I believe. I-Movie is great and pretty easy to
      use to make basic videos:)

  • Hello Sunnie,

    I need to get a new haircut because I’ve been growing out some highlights, which really damaged my hair. So my plan is to get rid of the damaged hair, which would lead to at least shoulder length hair. I saw this haircut and I absolutely love it. My hair is medium thick I guess, but a little more way thatn Danielle’s. My question is, will it work anyways without me having to straighten my hair everyday? And if yes, I’m not sure if it would really suit me. Could I maybe send you a picture of me and you could mabye let me know? this would so great! I got an appointment on Wednesday.

    Thank you

  • Well – you have just convinced me this is the right style for me to have my near waist length hair cut off into. Booked my appt for Sunday – am hoping my UK stylist can get something nearly as good as this. Thanks for the confidence booster that this is the right thing to do!

  • Hello!! I absolutely LOVEEE your blog and Danielle and her hair are gerogous!! I have recently decided to get my hair cut short (so nervous!!) and was wondering if this hairstyle (mainly the bangs) would work with thick hair?? I’m afraid I’ll end up looking like a little Amish boy! =O thank you so much for posting these wonderful videos (:

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Brittan,

      Thank you! The hairstyle you see Danielle wearing is good on thick hair as well but the key is to find a hairdresser
      who is skilled enough to know how to create a similar look to danielles with your hair texture and for your face shape.
      If your hair is very thick you will probably need to have your hairdresser take some weight out of your hair or add some layers in a way that will remove the bulk and give you more ease with your style. If you want more advice feel free to send me a pic to my email of your hair and I can give you more detail. also, depending on where you live I might know a great hairdresser I could recommend to you:) XO

  • Love this cut! So cute. Unfortunately though, I tried to get it done this morning and it didn’t turn out the same. Nothing like what you did. I’m gonna email you pictures, would love to hear your opinion on what went wrong, because I plan to get it fixed! Thanks!

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Linsy – oh no! did your hairdresser not create the haircut you wanted? Would love to see the look you created.
      You can email me here and I’ll see what tips I can give you. Thanks for sharing xo

  • Hey Sunnie,
    I am so happy I found this blog it has made me feel alot prettier!
    I had donated my hair to wigs for kids and got a bob haircut, but it has grown and am really missing it. I was thinking of cutting it again and Danielle’s hair has convinced me of it! I have A LOT of hair though and I don’t want it to be super puffy, but my mom doesn’t really like the idea of taking some out. Im not quite sure what to ask for when I go to the salon either. I would really appreciate your help!
    tanxxs <3

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Carolina,

      Thank you for asking me to help! I would love to see a pic of your hair to give you the best advice.
      Email me here Danielle has medium hair and medium density in her hair so we had to remove a bit
      of weight out of her hair to keep it from getting puffy or doing an unwanted triangle shape.


  • Es un mensaje también para Danielle,desde España.
    Descubrí tu página por casualidad y me ha ayudado mucho con un grave problema de pérdida masiva de pelo ,aunque tengo muchos años más que vosotras,he estudiado estétetica hasta que se me acabó el dinero,teneis una forma de trabajar MARAVILLOSA ojalá pudiera haber tenido la oportunidad de aprender más!,soy americana de nacimiento ,pero criada y educada en Europa,y sin posibilidad de seguir aprendiendo.

    otra vez gracias. y muchos besos

  • wow! insanely gorgeous 🙂

  • Hi Sunnie! I just wanted to let you know I love, love, love this haircut! I had my stylist cut mine similiar to this on Friday! The tutorial on the blowdrying is def going to help, since this is the first time in 20 years that I have had bangs, my hair was similiar to Danielles before she cut it, except the bangs. I also really enjoyed the 10 short hairstyles video! Can you please show us some more looks with this style.. Maybe a scarf look! Thank you so much for all your videos! You are an amazing stylist!!

    • Sunnie Brook

      Thank you Amy! I’m so glad you got a style that works for you. Yes, I am planning to do more short hair looks for the fall.
      Do you have any other short hair looks you’d like to learn? If so you can email them to me
      Cheers xoxo

  • Sunnie! Do you think that this hair style would look okay a little bit longer? Like a little longer than the collar bone? Thanks! Your work is amazing!

  • Hi Sunnie! I love love love Dannielle’s hair. I would really love to have that haircut. Do you have pictures of the haircut? so I can show it to the hairdresser 🙂 but will it work for thick and coarse hair? Love your videos! 🙂

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Icey,

      Here is link to the original post I did when I cut off Danielle’s hair.

      She has medium to fine hair but it’s very dense (there’s alot of it!) and a slight wave to her hair.
      This cut is good for thick coarse hair as well but I would also take into consideration your face shape when deciding on length/how short to go. You can email me a picture of your hair and I can give you better advice.

      Cheers xo

  • ABI

    She’s gorgeous!! :)xx

  • Madame Pipistrelle

    Thank you so much for your video on youtube for styling short hair!
    I like it so much, and it made my day!!

  • Hi Sunnie! I just got my haircut like Danielle’s, but it’s barely grazing my collar bone, and I have a side part and long bangs. Any tips on how to style the long bangs so I don’t end up looking like a demented school girl? (nightmares of how my mom would put two barrettes to pin back each side of my long bangs!)

    Thanks a bunch times a million!!

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Nellie,

      I’m sure you can’t look like a demented school girl! A good tip for keeping the bangs side swept buy not falling in your face is to use a large round brush and wrap them around the brush away (going back) from your face. Dry them completely this way and then leave the brush in the bangs till they cool down. After taking the brush out you’ll have a bang that pushed forward but kicks back. If you watch my blow dry video you can see the technique I’m talking about. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask away if not. Cheers 🙂

  • Hi Sunnie,
    The video for the ten ways to style short hair was recommended to me on youtube. I really like Danielle’s hair. Glad I’m not the only one. I was hoping you’d have a suggestion for me like you have for some of the others that have commented.

    First off, I’m a real crap hair dresser. I’m more of a make up kind of girl, hair has never been my forte. My idea of “styling” is straightening it (rare), letting it just do it’s thing (often) or throwing it up in a regular pony tail or messy bun (most often).

    Second, my hair is extremely thick and I’ve never been able to find out why but I shed like crazy. As in I use draino to unclog my drain every month (I recently discovered a hair catching drain cover that has saved me). I even went as far as going asking a friend of mine with a license to buy me specialty shampoo that those going through chemo use.

    Finally, I usually cut my hair short every summer to get rid of the extremely damaged ends and to avoid the shedding problem. But every time I cut my hair short I feel like I don’t look as good with short hair as I do with long hair. I just get so bored with my long hair sometimes and then I want short hair again. Basically all I do with my long hair is throw it up in a bun or pony tail and I’ve tried to get creative with those but those bore me too. Plus, I’ll thin my hair out and after a month it’s back to stretching and breaking my hair ties.

    This is a few months old but my hair is only slightly longer than this and it’s the best picture I have of my face shape:

    I am not sure if it’s my hair, the style, the shape of my face OR the hair dresser that makes me wish I’d kept it long. Is short hair just not a good idea/look/option for me? Suggestions, comments, concerns – it’s a hair emergency!

  • Hello, I have been looking into cutting my hair like Danielle’s, I LOVE her hair. But I don’t know my face shape, and if it would look good on me. How can I tell? And what kind of face shape does SHE have? And how would I know what looks good on me?

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Taylor,

      I’ll be able to give you the best advice if you send me a message on FB with a picture of your current hairstyle. Send me one that is just your hair naturally air dried so that I can see what your texture is like along with your face shape. My FB page is SunnieBrook. Thx! xo

  • Sammy

    Hi Sunnie, I really love this haircut on Danielle. I was wondering if you could tell me the description of this haircut so I could tell my hair dresser how to cut my hair! By the way I really LOVE your blog !!

    • Kristin


      Did Sunnie reply? I have the same question. If so, please post!


      • Sunnie Brook

        Hi Kristin and Sammy 🙂

        I would recommend bringing a picture of Danielle from my blog in to your hairdresser for her to see.
        Then she can adapt this haircut to fit your hair texture and bone structure so that it is perfect for you:)
        Thanks for asking xo Sunnie Brook

  • corinne

    Hi Sunnie,

    I really love Dannielle’s cut! Do you think this style would also work with a side swept fringe?

    Also what barrel curling iron would you use on Dannielle’s hair length? 1 inch or 3/4, or or something else?

    Thanks so much!

    • admin

      Hi Corinne,

      Yes, it would be great with a sideswept look! you can see her create those styles in some of the other
      short hair videos she is in. The type of curling iron depends on your hair type.
      fine = 1/2 inch
      medium to thick = 3/4

      use a smaller curling iron to create tighter curls use a bigger iron to create loose waves.

      Thanks for being apart of this blog! xo

  • Dia

    Hi Sunnie- I have recently stumbled upon your blog and I’m asking myself where have I been. I was reading the comments and it’s amazing how you are asking people to send you a pic and you can help them. Who does that? I love Danille’s hair, but really worried about bangs. I have fine hair and like to think I have enough, but I’m scared they will just lay flat. Any suggestions would be be greatly appreciated.

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Dia,

      so glad you found my blog!
      Here are a few tips to help you.

      1. use a volumizing shampoo and just condition your ends (check out extra volume by head & shoulders)
      2. when moisturizing your face be careful around your hairline to keep roots from going oily which will cause fine hair
      to separate.
      3. use cool hair to blow dry your bangs so that you keep cool and don’t sweat:)
      4. consult a good hairdresser to give you the right bang shape for your hair texture. They are so many ways to cut them
      and a good cut can make all the difference in the ease of your style.

      If you want to visit me in the salon you can sign up here and receive emails when I am in your city.

      Hope that helps XO Sunnie Brook

      • Dia

        Omg I feel like I just won the lottery. I’m hoping you make it to Texas!! It’s really hard for me to find a good hairdresser. Thank you for all your tips. Hope to meet you soon.

  • Emily Longstaff

    Hi Sunnie,

    I love this cut! It seems that only brunettes can pull it off, though – what do you think? I have naturally dark blonde hair and have experimented going lighter (expensive upkeep) and darker (don’t like the light regrowth)…do you think it could work on my natural hair colour or would it look better in a light creamy/ashy blonde? Dark brown isn’t an option for me, sadly!



    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Emily,

      I’d love to give you my advice. The best thing to do would be to email
      me a picture of your hair now then i can better tell you:)
      thx Sunnie Brook

  • Carol

    I think Danielle is adorable, beautiful. I have the same length but short in back. Every style she showed was beautiful on her. I like the way she turned as she was doing certain things so we could actually see it. I learned a lot!

  • Anja

    Hi Sunnie!
    I just discovered your blog and am absolutely in love <3
    I have the same hair texture as Danielle, and a very similar cut (I have bangs parted at the top).
    I've been trying to curl my hair, but realized that even though I was doing what the people in tutorials were, I still couldn't get the same result. I used to use a rather thin wand for curling my hair, but now I bought a thick curling iron. The wand didn't curl my hair enough, and I haven't tried the curling iron (but I'm afraid that the clip at the top will make my hair stick out or leave a line where the hair was clipped). I can see Danielle doing it in the video and in simply don't get how people can create such great messy curls.
    Do you have any suggestions how to curl my hair the easiest and fastest way? (I'm going for a messy look, not the "perfect curl".)
    Thank you soooo much, and once again, YOU'RE AWESOME:)

    • Anja

      Oh, one more thing! How do you know which heat to curl your hair on? I usually leave it on the first of second “level”. Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    I love the cut you gave Danielle! I also have fine hair but a lot of it with a little wave like she does. I would like to get the exact same cut. How would I describe this bob to a hairdresser?



  • Marcelle

    Hi! I just recently said this video on YouTube and I love this haircut. I really liked the music too :). I would like to know on what face shape would this looks good? I have a round face and don’t think I can pull it off. Though I would love to!!! Thanks!

  • Stephanie Felix

    hey there i was interested in getting a cool sassy haircut just like Danielle’s how can i were can i go I live in NYC and I’m wondering if you guys have a saloon. pls reply Thanks…

  • Ivana

    Hi Sunnie,

    I really love this haircut! You’ve done a great job, it compliments her face so much.
    Could you maybe explain what you did, so I can explain it to my hairdresser.
    Is the bob layered at the ends, or is the hair equal length all the way?
    And is the back different in any way?

    Kisses from Europe :*

  • Ilse

    Hi, I read you used a very specific type of razor to create this haircut, but do you think the type of razors really matters? Will the ‘regular’ type of razors that hairdressers use, have the same effect (considering they only use very sharp razors of course)?

    I already went to different hairdressers, all with a very good reputation, yet they all manage to mess up my bob haircut (or even any type of haircut in my quite sleek, medium hair) 🙁 So I’m trying to figure out what to tell my hairdresser and how to fix it the the next time.

  • Dani

    This girl is off the charts stunning! That style suits her so well… Ugh love it. Inspiration.. x

  • Sunnie,

    Thank you so much for this video! I have hair that is the same length and I’ve been having all sorts of trouble figuring out how to style it. thank you thank you!!!


  • cute style

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  • Thank you for this video. I have short hair as well and it can be very hard to figure out various styles. Now I have another option.