Short Hair Beach Texture


You don’t need mermaid long hair to enjoy tousled beachy goodness, and even if you don’t live near an ocean, you can still create the look and feel that you just went for a paddle on your “surfboardt”.  If you have fine hair, this look will give you playful volume and hold that will wear for a day or two. For you curly short hair’d damsels, you may want to use a flat paddle brush to help pull your curls into waves while you dry your hair, and then use a larger 1 1/2 inch curling iron to sculpt your waves.

P.S. If you love this song on the video check out the full version- Lakes Band (their new album is the jam!)

 Short Hair Beach Texture How To:


1. On damp, towel dried hair create a natural side part.

2. Apply this texture cream to bangs to smooth strands and volume spray all over which will enhance wave into your hair.

3. Blow dry hair on medium using fingers to create lift and volume at the roots.

4. Clip away crown area.

5. Twist sections of hair around a 1 inch iron. Mix up the direction you wrap the hair around the iron to create a loose tousled texture.

6. Rub hair between fingers to break up curls and increase texture.

7. Lock in your look by finishing with my light volumizing hairspray.


What other short hairstyles would you like to learn? Who do you think wore it better – Olivia Wilde or Scarlett Johansson?




  • My hair is long, but still, I love the tousled beach look!

  • Deb

    I love this tutorial as I always rock short hair! Also, i love the music in the background, I followed the link attached, but I can’t seem to find the exact song being played :/ Shazam didn’t pick it up either.