Saltwater Spray Magic



On my last trip to NYC I was trying to figure out a super quick way to bump up the volume on my beach waves  without using an iron because the weather was making my hair go so flat and stringy.

I often compare hair to a sponge. It’s more absorbent when it’s just a little damp vs completely dry or full of water. Usually I apply my beach spray after towel blotting when I get out of the shower on 80% wet hair. This day tho I wanted to get more bang out of my product so I let my hair air dry 80% and THEN applied the beach spray. Because my hair was dryer it absorbed more of the product and wasn’t as watered down. The perfect product + water mix!



Usually my go to when it’s dry is to use a dry texture spray to give it a bit more body but those products tend to be matte, don’t add more wave or shine, and can dehydrate my scalp making it itchy.   Using a beach spray on dry to damp hair can give you a lot of separation, shine and curl to your hair in just a matter of minutes. You can see my before and after look above. All I did was spray about 6-8 pumps all over my head and then push the waves in with the palm of my hand in a sort of “scrunching motion. Depending on your hair you may need more or less product. Test out how much you use and find out what works for your hair type and desired look. These waves lasted thru the NYC humidity and gave me great texture the next day without going greasy. So fun! and so easy!

Tip:  If you already have wavy to curly hair try doing this technique on the roots and  mid shaft of your hair leaving the ends natural. To soften the look a touch more use a flat iron and pull the ends straighter.

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What’s your favorite way to add texture to your hair? Do you use saltwater spray? What’s your favorite?

  • Ooooh, what a difference, looks great 🙂

  • Stephanie Nolasco

    I like to apply sea salt spray to my air-dried air, but also dab on some coconut oil to the ends. It makes hair softer, while adding a yummy tropical scent to it.

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