Reverie Rake

reverie rake
Reverie Rake

A couple of years ago, my friend Garrett created Reverie Milk, and the world was never the same:).

Seriously, though, if you follow me at all, you know what a fan I am of Reverie Milk. I use it all the time, on my own hair + on my clients. It was a total game-changer for me.


So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Reverie Rake. It’s a light-weight styling balm, that conditions your hair + gives it that lived-in look without making it looks sticky or pasty. It’s great for adding texture to just-washed hair, and I love using it when creating braids or up-dos.

Just like Reverie Milk, it smells HEAVENLY- like a California beach garden. It’s great for guys and girls, so buy one for yourself and your boyfriend.
Reverie Rake Balm

This is a great product for styling short hair (check out this how-to video for short hair), but it’s definitely suitable for all hair-types. It’s made without many of the chemicals you find in commercial hair products, and it’s totally vegan for all you animal lovers out there.


Would you try Reverie Rake? What’s your favorite styling balm?


  • I am rrreally low maintenance with my hair. I don’t use any styling products at all.