Pout Proof Your Red Lip

A bold, red lip is a head-turning statement and is, once again, being celebrated this Fall. But how you ask?! Here are the steps to getting the perfect pout. If you’re nervous to try the full look, try a lipstain instead — it lasts all day and won’t budge . . . or just press a bit of color onto the back of your hand and mix with some lip balm. This will give you a softer effect while you gain your { red } courage.

Use an old toothbrush and scrub gently to remove any dry skin.


First, use a nude liner or invisible liner/wax to shape your lips. This acts like a safety net for you lipstick and keeps it from bleeding. Then line with a color similar to your lipstick and gently fill in. I prefer to use little strokes around the lips and then connect them rather than drawing one continuous line.


Use a lip brush to apply layers of lipstick. Blot in between applications to create a matte look. Keep applying the layers until you have received your desired tone and texture.


This will create a perfect, clean lip shape and will fill in any gaps you may have missed.


Keep your smile lipstick-free by putting your pointer finger in you mouth and gently pulling out. This will remove any lipstick that got on the inside of your lips that would otherwise end up on your teeth.


See some of my favorite lipsticks + watch my Perfect Pout video.



What’s your favorite lipstick?