Pop Physique

I have recently gotten a few emails asking what I do for my fitness routine, so I thought I’d do this post. Really, I’m an advocate of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle . . . . . I drink this elixir most mornings and try to eat unprocessed foods. (However, I do love my ice cream and wine!) Eating foods in their simple form in key! And knowing where your food comes from is so important which is why I started growing produce in my own garden this year.

I also started doing yoga this year after going on a retreat to Costa Rica. Before that, I liked to run and take a ballet class every so often. The only problem was that I wasn’t noticing a difference in my problem areas (buns + thighs) . . . Then I heard about this great class called Pop Physique. Their opening website pic definitely got my attention. I mean, look at her buns! So I went.

And WOW!!! I have completely noticed a difference. Pop Physique a mix between yoga, pilates and ballet. It stretches your muscles so they are longer and leaner, giving you that dancers’ body. Plus, it only takes an hour. They have locations all over Los Angeles AND they just launched videos on Amazon. So all of  you can get your workout on!

What’s your fitness routine?

  • Her buns are perfect, but all I can look at are her fingernails and they make me feel a little ill…

    Have you done Bar Method? If so, do you find this similar?

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Lynn,

      oh my goodness! you’re right! her nails are a bit icky! oopsy! I have not done the bar method but hear it is amazing and a great workout as well. Have you done it? what area’s do you feel benefit from the routine?