Poolside Pretty


Who doesn’t love lounging by a sky blue pool while the soon turns your skin shades of tan?

Here are some of my favorite tips to keep you looking Poolside Pretty

BE SAFE : Go for a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

BE BRONZE : Give yourself a healthy glow all over with good bronzer.

BE BARE : Your skin can get sweaty very quickly on a hot day so put your eyeshadow away and just opt for lots of mascara – water proof, of course! (And if you must, line the inside of your eye with a black or brown liner .)

BE DEWY : Mix this cream with your tinted moisturizer for a healthy glow.

BE ROSY : Dab a bit of color on your lips & cheeks.

BE HIDDEN : Scared to go bare with your skin poolside? Let your skin have a breather and opt for large sunglasses and a hat. This will not only protect your skin from the harmful rays but you’ll look super glam and oh-so mysterious!

BE LUSH : Going on a long holiday with your sweetheart? Get some lash extensions done and then you won’t have to worry about looking like a raccoon. I’ve had these done and they are worth every penny!

BE TAN : You can plan ahead and get a spray tan or use my favorite day-of weapon . Cocktail it with your favorite moisturizer to soften the pigment and get a flawless blend.

BE SIMPLE : I hate re-applying sunscreen to my face or body to only realize later I didn’t completely rub it in. How embarrassing! I’ve recently discovered these sunscreen wipes. Effortless, no fuss and no mess!

BE CALM : If you’ve gone past a “healthy glow” and straight to a cherry face, try using this green tinted primer  to conceal your skin til things settle down.

What are your favorite ways to stay Poolside Pretty?