Pool Hair DIY


How’s your summer going? If it’s anything like ours, you’ve been feeling the heat!

The best way to beat those heat-wave blahs is to go pool-hopping and taking a dip in that cool true-blue water!

This, of course, does come at a price, because hair does not react well to chlorine-infused water. If you’re a blonde, you’ll suffer the brunt of it, and might find yourself with a green-tint to your strands.

Well, lucky for you blonde babes, I’ve got an all natural way to ban that green “Lock Ness Monster” from your hair once and for all.

1. Buy some “Red All Natural Food Coloring“, which is made with Hibiscus Extract and Beet Powder Extract.

2. Add a few drops to your shampoo and a few drops to your conditioner to create a “colored shampoo/conditioner treatment”.

3. Make sure you test it on a strand/section of your hair first, and adjust accordingly.

4.  You can use this shampoo to help remove chlorine as well. Use this amazing leave in conditioner to repair hair after all your pool adventures. I also love using this hair oil before and after I hit the pool to keep my hair healthy and strong.

One more great tip: Presoak hair in water and comb thru hair masque before swimming. Make sure you  wash your hair immediately after getting out of the pool so the sun doesn’t cook in the chlorine. Reapply the conditioner/water mixture while you lounge poolside and reapply your weekly hair masque treatment!

If you want more information on keeping your blonde looking bright check out my Blonde Babes and Toner for Blonde Hair blog posts.



How do you combat your pool hair blues? Do you use sunscreen for your hair?

  • Emilis Markulis

    Is it true that after pool a hair get oily faster? http://mantello.co.uk/hair/5-tips-oily-hair/ ive read it here.

    • Sunnie Brook


      Often times what happens after your hair has been in the pool is that your scalp becomes very dehydrated from the chemicals in the pool and then goes into over-drive to rehydrate your skin. This can lead to your hair going oily. Also, if you don’t use a clarifying shampoo after the pool the minerals that are left on your hair can tend to grab onto dirt and oil more easily and give your hair the appearance of being oily/dull/dirty.

  • I’m still looking for a good SPF spray for my hair. It only makes sense to try and protect it against the sun and pool and salty water.