Oh Lorde


“Oh Lorde”, this girl has texture for days! We’ve not only gone crazy for her album, but oh my that hair! High on volume and waves of playfulness. I’ve gotten lots of requests for how to get this look so here you go ladies.  Whether you you have fine or thick, curl or no curl this is a great way to create texture that will have an attitude all it’s own.


Fine or stick straight hair (that never holds curls)

Technique – on semi damp hair split hair into sections and comb volumizing foam from roots to ends thru hair. Using your hands blow dry hair upside down and side to side to create maximum volume. Once completely dry wrap section into 3 sections. Taking 1/2 sections wrap hair around a 1/2 inch iron keeping the lid of the iron closed and holding the ends. Doing this will keep you from getting shirley temple curls and will give you more variation in your texture. Count to five on each section and  continue thru hair. Let each curl cool down and then flip head over and spray with dry texturizing spray. Use your fingers  to separate and tease sections at root to increase volume and thru hair to break up curls. Take a deep part using the end of your brow as a guide and flip it real good!


Medium Wavy Hair

Technique – if you already have some wave and texture to your hair but want to pump it up here’s how. Spritz a beach spray onto semi damp hair applying it in sections so that your hair is evenly saturated.  Starting at your roots use a diffuser  to build volume into your hair. Once hair is thoroughly dry take a 1 inch  tapered iron (creates more variation in your curl!) and randomly wrap sections around iron. Keep the lid of the iron closed to create a more lived in wave.  If you have any sections around your face that are too curly or any kinky ends use your flat iron to reshape. Use your fingers to break up any clumpy curls. When you have the desired amount of curl and texture flip hair over and spray with my volumizing hairspray and tease to double time your texture.


Thick Coarse Naturally Curly

Technique- You may already have crazy curly texture or super kinky hair. If so, on dry hair use a 1 inch curling iron to wrap hair around in random sections. Use a flat iron to slightly smooth out and control parts of your curl – especially those pesky ones around the face! Using some of your own curls and some created by the irons will give  you a very lived in look. If you have super kinky hair try blowing out your hair with a vented brush first to pull the hair a bit straighter and then wrapping around  a 1 inch iron to recreate your curls. Use a light hold hairspray to protect your hair from moisture in the air that will bring your curls coming back) and lock in your style.


If you don’t fancy spending time curling your hair to create this look you can put your hair in a wreath braid at night and then remove in the morning. Plus, it’s heat free so it will save your lovely locks  from damage.


Which song is your favorite? Do you want to try this look?

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  • Yeah, Lorde is like my hair opposite, lol 🙂 I don’t think I’d want hair like hers though. I mena, it looks great and it has amazing volume and texture, but there is just so much of it! I don’t think I’d know what to do with it, hehe.

  • The technique makes hair looks georgeous. And thanks for the tips anyway.

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  • Anu

    You can get that hair with curly perm too!

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