Night Out Compact | New Year’s Eve DIY

Night Out Compact | New Year's Eve | SB Beauty

Night Out Compact | New Year's Eve | SB Beauty

I am so looking forward to 2014! How about you? I think it is going to be full of making memories with the people we love and celebrating life! Bye bye 2013 you were good and taught us so much, but you were a bit of a challenge hey?!  If you’re planning to ring in the New Year by glamming it up then you might find this DIY post very handy!  I love those cute little bags that go with those cute little cocktail dresses but what is a girl to do with a long night, tons of instagram photos, and dancing? Richard Simon’s sweat city??! Oh, Yes! I love this little trick because most of us have a compact or two just hanging around in a drawer getting dusty and this is a way we can recycle that forgotten friend and make it useful!.

Night Out Compact | New Year's Eve | SB Beauty


Old Compact or Eye Shadow Case

Metal Cosmetic Spatula



1. Use spatula to remove any excess makeup in the compact.

2. Wipe compact clean.

3. Put your blush, lipstick, cream eyeshadow, and concealer in compact.

4. Ta- da! Tucked in nice and tidy!


1. Use cream eyeshadow as it blends easily with your finger. If you need powder for a touch up and want to downsize with that too you can use a contact lense case.

2. Planning on going big with your hair or creating a fancy updo? Check out my compact hairspray, tease me comb for quick touch ups and no slip bobby pin bundle.

3. Greasy? use a piece of tissue to blot up excess oil or the seat covers in the loo (sounds gross but it’s actually similar to the paper found in most blotting kits!)

What are some of your highlights from 2013? What are you most looking forward to in 2014?



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    That is super smart! I’d hate messing up my pretty products though :-(

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    Loved it !