my skincare regimen

I grew up by the ocean in San Luis Obispo, CA. I never used much skincare . . . not much more than Dial soap, a few Neutrogena face cleansing pads and sunscreen (If I remembered! Bad girl!) As I began to get older, I added moisturizer and eye cream.

Then when I moved to Los Angeles my skin began to FREAK OUT! Big time! I started having all these little bumps along my chin – looked kinda like a chin strap of yuck. And all along the top of my forehead. So embarrassing being in the beauty industry!

I began trying every cream, potion, blah blah blah you could find at Sephora. Started getting facials on a regular basis, applied topical creams from my doctor that made my skin look like sausage and even took pills hoping for a miracle.

One day I went to this place I had read about on Yelp to get an eyebrow wax.  The lady behind the counter looked at my skin and asked me what I was using. I straight up said that I had given up, couldn’t even remember what flavor of the month I was using on it, and was just going to wait out this late visit from the puberty fairy and pray to the beauty gods for a miracle. She told me I needed to start using a Glycolic treament 2-3 times a week and a heavier moisturizer. The reason I had those bumps was because my pores were getting clogged as my skin was trying to hydrate itself but producing too much oil.

I asked if they had a return policy – I was tired of my shelves being full and my pockets being empty! She said yes and I skeptically took out my wallet. Here’s what changed my skin. Epicuren.I am now a lover of this line, especially these products . . . .

Herbal Cleanser
Gentle,  won’t dry out your skin and no sulfates.
Glycolic Polymer
There are two kinds – one for dry skin and oily skin. I suggest starting off with their 5% 2 times a week and then move to the 10% 1-2 times a week. And when needed, use more on breakout spots.
Ultra Rose Enzyme Moisturizer
I use this in the morning after showering and at night after removing my makeup.