Matte Skin


Matte Skin

There’s a beauty trend that’s been sneaking up on the fashion world, and it’s all about the matte skin! Don’t get me wrong, I love dewy skin as much as the next girl, but when it’s done right, a matte base can look polished, chic, and timeless.

It’s a great look to wear as summer is approaching too and your skin tends to be more oily. I love wearing this with vintage jeans, a simple white t-shirt and some strappy heels, because it immediately takes the outfit from casual to chic.

The best way to wear matte skin, is by taking good care of your skin. Starting with a healthy, clean canvas is a must. Check out some of my skincare tips here.

First exfoliate your skin to remove any dry flakes. Prep skin with a toner and then follow with a good, hydrating moisturizer. Follow these makeup steps to get chic, matte skin:

  1. You wanna start off by using a great matte primer. This one by MAC is one of my favorites. This preps your skin for everything else.
  2. Use some of this amazing matte skin tint from Nars to create a base using a sponge to press product into skin and evenly distribute.
  3. Next, use a heavy-duty, matte concealer, like this one from Clinique, to cover up under-eye circles.
  4. Hide blemishes with this concealer from Laura Mercier.
  5. Use a matte blush ( like this one called Gilda, from Nars).
  6. Finish it off with this Nars setting powder, and you’re good to go!

I love pairing this look with a good red lip and mascara for a chic, easy look!


Tip: For on the go use these blotting papers to remove any excess oil instead of using powder, which can build up after a long day and make your skin look cakey.


Do you do matte makeup? What’s your favorite product?

  • I’m aaaaaall for matte skin! With pores like mine a matte finish is just so much more forgiving.