The Breakdown: Makeup Brushes


Today I’m going to share with you my top 10 must-have makeup brushes for the face, eyes and lips. A girl’s got to have the right brushes to get the right looks . . . so if you like to wear makeup then investing in a good set of brushes is essential! You’ll have them for years and you will not only save time creating your look but you’ll also keep your sanity.


1. Foundation : This isn’t a brush recommendation per-say but  if you are going to be applying foundation and want to look flawless this is the “brush” for you.

2. Concealer : A firm but soft bristled brush that has a taper so that you are able to conceal those hard to reach spots like the inner corner of the eye.

3. Powder : A fluffy, natural hair brush with soft bristles that bevel to a slight point. This will help you in the areas around the nose and under eyes.

4. Blush : Soft natural bristles with beveled or curved edges. I prefer an angled brush for more control over my application.



5. Eyeshadow : Natural, soft rounded bristles that bevel on the edges. This will deliver a smooth sweep of shadow across the lid.

6. Smudge : A must for any of your smokey eyed looks! Also, if you have a shaky hand this is a great way to take your wobbly eye-liner and make it sexy!

7. Blending : Natural hair brush used to eliminate any lines on the eyelids after applying eyeshadow.

8. Angled Liner : Short, compact bristles cut at an angle. Look for one that is dense – cheaper ones will not hold the product as well.

9. Brow Shader : A blend of a synthetic and natural bristles, as the synthetic-only ones are too stiff to give a good application.

10. Lips : Firm, long bristles that come to a slightly pointed tip. This will help you get that perfect pout!

What other makeup brushes do you have questions about?

  • Having the right tools can make all the difference! Great post.