Karuna Hand Masks


Karuna Hand Masks

My love for a good face mask borders on obsessive. I just love slathering on some face magic + curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. It’s a super relaxing ritual, and it always ends with my face looking amazing. One of my favorite face mask companies is Karuna. I swear by their masks + have even carried them in my online store!  That’s why I was so excited to try their new hand and foot masks!

Everyone is always obsessed with keeping their face looking young and glowing- but we often forget to give that same sort of TLC to the rest of our body. We put our hands and feet through a lot, so it makes a lot of sense to do hand + feet masks. Here are the ones from Karuna I love.

Karuna Hydrating + Hand Mask

If you’ve got dry, itchy hands, this mask is the one for you. You basically put on these gloves, and they’re loaded with glycerin, shea butter,  hyaluronic acid, chamomile and aloe vera.  The serum is on the inside, and you put them on and seal them at the wrists with a sticker. You can keep them on for 15 minutes, or if you really want to go for it, you can keep them on overnight.  After you’re done, you take them off and your hands and cuticles will look so refreshed and dewy, without feeling oily. It’s kind of amazing actually. It’s a great way to give your hands a little TLC after a long day’s work, or to prepare yourself for an important event!



Karuna Age-Defying+ Hand Mask

Just like the Karuna Hydrating Hand Mask, this one comes in two gloves, that you keep on your hands. It’s especially formulated to help soften wrinkles, and give your skin a bright, youthful look. It’s great for brightening dark spots, and tackling the issues that come with aging skin. I love using this before I get a manicure to give my skin that extra pop of freshness.

Karuna Exfoliating + Foot Mask

I love sleeping in this foot masks, because it leave my feet so so soft. I’m on my feet all day long, so they definitely get the brunt of it. This mask has a super strong smell, and it’s highly-exfoliating. I love using it and then doing a foot scrub + foot cream right after. It’s like the best foot treatment ever.



Do you treat your hands and feet with anything? How do you keep them soft?


  • I use a lot of hand cream but I’ve never tried a hand mask before. I’m intrigued.