Products I Love: Reverie Milk


A couple of years ago, my friend and fellow hairstylist, Garret Markenson, created this amazing  product called Reverie MILK. This nourishing, anti-frizz treatment is my go-to product after showering. It is completely lightweight, leaves the hair feeling clean and product free, and has the softest scent!

I love that MILK is locally crafted in California, using organic ingredients from around the world. It’s not tested on animals, and is super environmentally conscious.

I like to use this product when cutting hair because it is good on all hair types and helps the comb to glide thru the hair. Personally, it’s my secret weapon when I go on dates, because it’s made with lots of different kinds of essential oils and just smells incredible. People ALWAYS comment on how much they like my perfume when I use MILK, despite the fact that I don’t even wear perfume!

Do you use leave-in conditioners or nourishing treatments? Which are your favorites?