In-Flight Beauty


In-Flight Beauty

Bi-coastal living may sound glamorous and fun, but it also means a LOT of airplane rides. Spending a lot of time flying can wreak havoc on your skin and hair.  Thankfully I’ve got some tried and true tips and tricks that keep my skin looking refreshed and glowing, even after a ten hour, red-eye flight.

Here’s a step-by-step in-flight beauty routine, guaranteed to have you looking (and feeling)  your best when you step off that plane.



1. Remove your makeup.
Once you step on the airplane, use some makeup-removing wipes to cleanse your face. You don’t want dirt or makeup to get trapped in your pores, so clean skin is a MUST!

2. Mist your face.
Use a good face mist- use right after you take off your makeup + throughout the flight to feel refreshed and give your skin some moisture! I also use this to refresh my skin throughout the day on a daily basis and revive my makeup.

3. Moisturize
I like using a good moisturizing serum + a super hydrating face cream- the recycled air can really dry out your face, so don’t skip this step! Make sure you moisturize your lips and under your eyes as well.

4. Mask if you dare.
This can look a bit scary so I usually wait until people are sleeping or wear a hoody to hide. You only need to do for about 20 minutes with the mask on. Then take this good sheet mask off and let the remaining product sink in. It will feel like you gave your skin a big glass of water.

5. Depuff
About 30 minutes prior to landing, you want to start prepping your face. I like using an under-eye mask to de-puff my eyes. You can also ask for a cup of ice and a napkin and make a little bag to put on your eyes if the salty food got you bad. 

6. Prep + Prime your face.
If you’re going to reapply makeup, do it right before you land. A little tinted moisturizer/sunscreen, blush + some good mascara can go a long way.

There is nothing better for your skin than water. Skip the glass of wine or cocktail, and stick to drinking LOTS and LOTS of water. You’ll feel and look revitalized. To upgrade your water you can also add a few drops of Lumina Health Products CELLFOOD. It provides the highest level of oxygen and hydrogen to your body.


Do you have an in-flight beauty routine? What’s your favorite travel beauty product?



  • I wish I could fly private. I’d just have a mask on the whole flight long, hah.