How to Trim Your Bangs


I’ve always said that bangs are the fastest way to update your look without drastically changing your hairstyle. Whether they are thick and blunt, or  wispy and side-swept, a good fringe can take you from bland to banging in a heartbeat. There is, however, a downside to getting bangs cut- maintenance.

Ideally you’ll have a hairdresser that you love, who will trim your bangs between cuts, but if you find yourself in a bind,  you can watch my video and try to trim them yourself. Just make sure you don’t get to scissor happy. I’ve had clients try to correct the unevenness of their self-trim to the point of ending up with super short baby bangs, when all they wanted was eyebrow grazing fringe.

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How To Trim Your Own Bangs


  1. Section out your bangs.
  2. Spritz with water so they are damp.
  3. Comb through.
  4. Blow dry from side to side, combing them down onto your forehead
  5. Clip away any lose bits.
  6. Use the wide tooth part of your comb to elevate your bangs
  7. Angle your shears diagonally, and point cut at the ends
  8. Only cut little by little, double checking for balance.
  9. You can see how I cut my friend Kirbie’s bangs here.

If your bangs tend to get a bit greasy throughout the day here are 5 of my favorite tips to help keep your bangs from feeling slick.

1. Use a dry shampoo applied to the areas that tend to look stringy or separate.

2. If you’re in a bind and all you have is makeup powder, dust that on your fringe and you’ll be good to go.

3. In the morning, be careful to not apply your face moisturizer  on your forehead, but keep that area clean and free of product. If you need some makeup coverage on your forehead, use a powder  in this area instead of a tinted moisturizer , which can make your bangs appear greasy later in the day.

4. Use face blotting papers to soak up some of the oil in your hair.

5. When you shampoo your hair, be sure to get your scalp really clean. Only apply the conditioner  to your ends and steer clear of your bang area. The ends of your hair tend to be more damaged and need the conditioner, but your bangs are healthier hair and don’t need conditioner as often.

Growing out your bangs? Try these three styles to help you get thru the awkward phase.

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Do you have any stories about getting your bangs cut for the first time? Which celebrity has your favorite bangs?



  • ooh, love the music + model. you’ve upped your game, miss sunnie!

  • Just used this tutorial and it worked! Have a perfect eyelash skimming fringe (bangs in US speak!) Thanks. X

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  • April

    I just got a short haircut a week ago and i’ve been meaning to color too and I saw Danielle’s and I love it! I’ve had boring black hair for awhile now so I want to ask what I should do to get close to her color.

  • I’d be terrified to do this myself 🙂