How to Get the Perfect Brows


I’ve been getting some questions about how I do my brows, so I figured the easiest thing to do would be to show you what I use to achieve the perfect brows~

Dior Universal Brow Styler
Brow Brush

1. After tweezing and trimming brows into desired shape  use a brow brush to comb and separate hairs.

2. Using short strokes with the brow pencil will create a more natural defined brow. This will give the illusion of little hairs vs a drawn on brow. (I like to use this Universal Brow Pencil because it works for most brow colors and the tip of the pencil is delicate.)

3.  Once you’ve added in the strokes  to create a fuller look, use a bit more pressure on the pencil to define the shape.  I tend to define more under the brow vs the top, because it looks more natural. Use the corner of your eye as a marker to end the brow.

4. To clean up, use the other side of the angled brow brush. Using a bit of concealer  on your brush will help remove the pencil from your skin.

5. If your brows seem too dark, use the brush to soften the pencil by stroking hairs till desired amount is removed.

Note: The brow pencil also has a brow brush as well you can use. I use that side to brush brows and then when I’m finished I’ll use the dual brush with a bit of hairspray on it to set the brows in place.


What are your favorite brow products?

  • Your brows look really good. And still natural, too, I like that.