His & Hers Homemade Pomade

His & Hers Homemade Pomade | SB Beauty
Mold and manipulate your hair with this super simple homemade pomade. Pomades are best at taming your flyaways and giving your ends that piecey texture. You can also use it to slick down your sides for that rocker look. It’s not only perfect for you, it’s perfect for him, too! So go ahead and double the recipe. An hour of your time will reward you with weeks upon weeks of bad-ass hair.
Homemade Pomade How-to | SB Beauty

2 Tbs beeswax (grated + packed in a measuring spoon)
8 tsps of oil (olive, canola or coconut)
2 Tbs vegetable glycerin
Essential oils (totally optional … i like lavender and tea tree)
Lidded Jar or Tin (recycled cosmetic container or candle tin or lip balm jar work well)

In a double boiler, slowly heat wax and oil together until melted. Mix well. Let cool completely. (Speed up cool down time by placing in the refrigerator until solid.) Scoop mixture into a blender and add vegetable glycerin and essential oils (if you choose to use them.) Don’t forget to put the lid on before pressing GO! Blend well until you have a semi smooth consistency. Place in your container with a lid and keep in a cool place.

Make a tiny tin of homemade pomade for purses and pockets.

Use lip balm as pomade when you’re stuck without the real deal.

There are tons of looks to make with your pomade. Check out my Pomade Parade Pinterest board to see what you (or your man) can try.

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Any questions about using pomade? What other products do you want to learn how to make?

  • Marcelo

    Just posted this recipe on my girlfriend’s facebook page ; ) What kind of curls would you suggest this for though? I have tight 3b curls and she has very loose curls 2A-2B… Or, would you suggest another recipe for our hair types??

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I don’t want to think about how oily and greasy this would make my hair… 🙂 Not for me!

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Kiss & Make-up this is suited for medium to thick hair types or for a particular “trend look”. A little will go a long way but can add a fun new “Do” to you or your man’s beauty/grooming wardrobe:)

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  • Jodie

    There is nothing better than a home made beauty mask. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Bud

    Given the instructions to grate it, I am wondering if you used actual beeswax instead of the Murray’s that is pictured above. Murray’s is petrolatum with beeswax and fragrance mixed in. I’d love to try it, just wanted to make sure I got the right stuff.

    • admin

      Hi Bud,

      There are two types of Murray’s one that is a pomade and one that is just 100% pure beeswax.
      I like the pure one because it has no petroleum in it like the pomade does. Then you can mix in your own
      fragrance and oils. Beeswax on it’s own is ok for styling but is not as hydrating for your hair in the long run as this recipe will be. I prefer products that don’t have petroleum in them because it can cause your skin to not properly breath or coat your skin/scalp/hair so that it doesn’t absorb much needed conditioners.
      GOOD QUESTION! thanks for asking!
      Sunnie Brook

      • Bud

        Great! Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to giving it a try. It will be nice to use a more natural product. I have no idea what half of the ingredients are in the stuff I’m using now.

      • Emil Hansen

        Hi. I’m sorry to inform you but your answer to Bud is incorrect. MURRAY’S “with 100% PURE AUSTRALIAN BEESWAX” is not at all 100% beeswax, nor has it ever been as far as I understand – have used it for years. On the list of ingredients, the first one is Petrolatum, a petroleum product. Although beeswax is the second ingredient, just before a number of unnatural/unsustainable ingredients, there’s no indication as to what percentage is comprised of beeswax, Australian beeswax for that matter. With words like “with” or “made with”, a company could (& very many do) get away with having only a small percentage of the ingredient they’re showcasing. Just like juice drinks labeled “made with real fruit juice…”, it can be rather confusing for many consumers. Because your webpage shows the photo of MURRAY’S “with 100% PURE AUSTRALIAN BEESWAX” as the first ingredient for your recipe, it’s basically telling people to go out & get that product, not actual beeswax.

        Beyond that, I do like the recipe.

  • Aristarchus

    I tried this and I absolutely love it! Perfect for my hair. But it seems like no matter how long I keep it in the blender (even with occasional stirring), I still have tiny little chunks of beeswax that need to be combed out. Do I just have a crappy blender, or is there some secret I’m missing?

    • Sunnie Brook

      HI Aristarchus,
      Did you stir it in the double broiler till it was clear before setting it aside to let it cool down before putting in the blender?

    • pj

      How long does it usually last?

  • Ben

    What role does the vegetable glycerin play in the pomade? What does it do?

  • Brian

    Thanks for the great guide it was a lot of help! When I made this, my pomade had chunks of what I believe to be wax clumping together. I heated it till it was clear and stirred for quite a while. Do you happen to know what I am doing wrong? Thanks again!

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Brian,

      Did you wait for the wax to cool down before putting in the blender? which kind of wax did you use? Thank you for asking!

    • Angela Nolen

      I had the same problem. I melted it back down to liquid, poured it into a mixing bowl, and mixed with an electric mixer until it was the consistency of icing. I then put it in the container. Seemed to solve the problem!

  • Manish servai

    thanks for reminding it helped a lot

  • Dave

    Just made this. Have some questions.

    1) Does this stuff clog sinks? I had to wash out the metal bowl.
    2) What is the purpose of adding vegetable glycerin?
    3) Does this absorb into our scalp since its all natural?

  • Great DIY idea, thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m more and more into DIYing lately.

  • adislatief

    Great article. thanks for sharing! a question though, do you really need to double boil? Or can I just cook it on a pan directly on a stove?