My Hair Color Date with Chad Kenyon


Hair Color Date with Chad Kenyon

The number one question I get on my blog, YouTube, and instagram is about my haircolor. So when I got the chance to have Chad Kenyon give me his signature “Angel Lights”,  I wanted to share the process with you. Check out the video to see the process from beginning to end, and learn some of Chad’s tips for using a clay based lightener to balayage  below!

Solaris Clay-Based Lightener from Eugene Perma
Paris mixed with 40 volume developer and 1.875ml Olaplex N°1
Gloss REDKEN ShadesEQ 30ml 9P + 10ml + 2ml 6n + 42ml Shades EQ Processing Solution (Mix well + add 1.875ml Olaplex N°1)

Balayaging Sunnie’s Hair

By Chad Kenyon

Sunnie had a haircut prior to our Balayage service. This is ideal because good balayage accentuates a good haircut and vice versa.  I took 3 sections- one in the back from ear to ear, and two in the front using Sunnie’s natural part.

Sunnie wanted to maintain some depth within her hair color, but wanted to  move towards a more glamorous, blonde look and away from the “beauty blonde” vibe she had previously.

*It is important to note that I ALWAYS create hair color in collaboration with my clients and in many cases in conjunction with an actress, director or model’s photographer.  I am an artist (never a diva) and I LOVE my work so LISTENING is essential in delivering a precise aesthetic. 

It is essential for me to always rinse the hair as soon as it is at the desired level of lightness. Waiting longer could result in over-processed hair and I will never allow that.  I rinse each desired area and immediately add Olaplex N°2, as an Olaplex Mini-Treatment. I do this as I proceed, until all of the lightened areas are lightened to their desired shade and Olaplex mini-treated.

Next I rinse all of the Olaplex N°2 and apply the gloss.  I always watch the gloss closely and rarely, if ever, set a timer.  I send all of my clients home with Olaplex N°3.

*IMPORTANT TIP • Olaplex is added to all color/gloss/lightener formulas after the developer and product are initially mixed. Once Olaplex N°1 is added and mixed in, you may add more developer or lightener/color/gloss to adjust the consistency.

*OLAPLEX InsightOlaplex N°1 is added to every single formula to mitigate any damage that would occur during a chemical process by relinking broken disulfide bonds. Olaplex N°2 is added to hair after all of the chemical processes are finished and after hair is rinsed and towel-dried. This is your opportunity to have Olaplex’s patented rebuilding chemistry the hair by itself. 


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Have you ever colored your hair? What’s your dream hair color?

  • Random side note: his eeeeeys! So blue! 🙂 He did a great job with your hair, love the color and it has SO much movement!