Gym Beauty

ca8f1b34ef310973d2db8891a3e69738Gym Beauty

Whenever I hit a gym/Pop Physique class/barre class, almost every girl there looks FLAWLESS (thanks Beyonce!). Gone are the days of gym sweats, a t-shirt and a loose ponytail – gym looks are getting to be just as chic as everyday wear. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a couture fashion show, instead of hanging out on a treadmill. But I guess I should just be thankful that gym-wear no longer means thongs + scrunchie socks (sorry Jane Fonda, love ya!).

There are so many companies that make super cute workout gear- I love Nike and Stella McCartney x Adidas gym clothes – classy and functional.

Now, I see girls at the gym with full blow-outs and faces that are totally made up. Hats off to them! My pre-gym beauty routine is a little more low-maintenance than that, and helps my skin look and feel better.

Pre-Gym Beauty Routine

  1. Clean Skin. I always like to clean my skin with a gentler cleanser before working out. It removes any remaining makeup (there’s nothing worse than mascara+sweat in your eyes), and gives your skin room to breathe.
  2. Moisturize. Your skin can dry out during a workout, so I always put on a little moisturizer before I start working out to keep my skin hydrated and fresh.
  3. DeodorantNo brainer:).

Post-Gym Beauty Routine

  1. Cleanse again. Repeat step one of your pre-gym beauty routine
  2. Exfoliate. This is a great time to exfoliate- your skin will looks glowing and radiant.
  3. Tone. A good toner will help balance out your skin’s PH levels and keep breakouts at bay!
  4. Serum.  Get a good serum tailored to your skin issues and use it before you moisturize!
  5. Moisturize. I like using a more heavy-duty moisturizer post-gym, to really seal in the moisture.

For gym hair, there’s a couple different looks I like to do.

Gym Hair

1.Boxer Braids. This is one of my go-tos, especially because it looks cute, in and out of the gym. It’s chic, sporty and an easy transition from gym to real life.
2. Fishtail It. I love a good fishtail braid. It’s great if you love that messy, boho sort of look. You can wear it at the gym and transition it to drinks with your girls!

3. Ballerina Bun. The name says it all. If a dancer can keep her hair looking perfectly coifed through hours of intensive dance, then this bun will definitely last through your soul cycle class.


Want to wear your hair down, post-workout, but don’t have time to take a shower? Wear your hair in a loose bun (scunci’s  are amazing for creating texture but not creasing the hair)  during your workout. After your done, keep it up there until the last minute, even thru your shower.  Use a hair dryer on the cool setting to dry any excess sweat on your scalp. Then, use a good dry shampoo and brush it into your scalp to absorb any extra oils and make it smell fresh.

Volume + body in under 5 minutes!

What’s your gym beauty routine? Do you have favorite workout gear? Where do you like to workout?