The Gold Collection from Ibiza Brushes


The Gold Collection from Ibiza Brushes

I’ve extolled my love of Ibiza Hairbrushes many times. They are one of my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE hair brush companies. All of their brushes are so well made, and they last FOREVER.

Not only are they well-made, they also look fantastic. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you- and they all happen to be GOLD!



Gold Hairbrush

This gem has been a go-to of mine forever. It’s great for brushing out hairstyles and resetting. I use it on clients all the time, and they’re always asking me where I got it. It looks so sleek + chic and it works like a charm.


Gold Styling Comb

“The gold styling comb is a loosely spaced cutting comb to easily flow through hair cuts, great for going through a haircut once blown dry. Superb for Ironing work. Heat resistant and naturally anti microbial. Hand made in Italy.”

This comb is a must-have for creating parts, sectioning hair and creating braids. It’s precise + perfectly-spaced. Also…who doesn’t want a gold comb running through their hair 🙂 ?


The GL7

“The extra large oval shape design contours to the shape of the head for high performance brushing and blow drying.  The larger pneumatic pad protects hair from being over brushed. 100% boar bristles mixed with gentle heat resistant white nylon bristles. Effortless detangling, shine and scalp stimulator.”

Don’t want to spend $100 on a Mason-Pearson brush, but still want your hair to looks shiny, smooth and like a million bucks? The GL7 brush from Ibiza is my go-to. It’s great for creating smooth updos, detangling and smoothing finicky hair and it’s gold!

Wave Comb

“The gold graphite wave detangling comb is an amazing comb for dry hair cutting and adding texture to a haircut by fine tuning any corners. It can also be used for scissor over comb to give jagged texture. Heat resistant. Hand made in Italy.”

This comb is pure magic. If your hair is prone to detangling, use a little bit  of conditioner in the shower and use this comb to loosen any knots. It won’t damage your hair and will leave your locks smooth and ready to style!


Have you tried Ibiza Brushes?