Gigi Hadid Bob


Gigi Hadid made the beauty headlines when she showed up to the AMA’s with her long blonde hair chopped into a cool, textured bob. It wasn’t until later that we found out her hairstylist, Bryce Scarlett hadn’t actuallly cut Gigi’s hair, but instead he created a fake bob using a hair piece/wig. So genius!

I love the idea of having short hair (without having to commit to it), so I wanted to create a version of Gigi’s bob that would be easy to do at home on yourself.  The straight version rocked by Gigi took 2 hours + a professional hair dresser- but the one I’m about to show you is way easier to pull off.




  1. You want to start off with hair that has a lot of body and texture. Check out my Cindy Crawford hair how-to for getting voluminous, big hair.
  2. Separate the front hairline area (this will be what will be left out from the wig).
  3. Pull the rest of your hair behind your ears.
  4. Divide the hair behind your hair into two tight braids.
  5. Wrap the two braids onto the back of your head, and secure with bobby pins.
  6. You want to get a super flat surface on the back of your head.
  7. Put the wig cap over your braid and pull it over all parts of your head, except the front section.
  8. Put your wig on over your wig cap.
  9. Secure with bobby pins.
  10. Use your volumizing spray in front to give it a textured, piecey look!
  11. Voila, your very own Gigi Hadid Bob!

TIP: Curling your wig and your own hair will make blending the two so much easier.


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Do you have short hair? What hairstyles would you like to learn?