Fun Buns for Your Hair


Fun Buns for Your Hair

With the weather heating up, there’s nothing better than getting your hair up and away from your sweaty skin. There’s always the go-to ponytail, but personally I love getting a little more creative.

Last year, I did a little feature for Cosmo on the Double Bubble, and since then it’s become a full-on trend. At Coachella, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry and other celebs were rocking their versions of the Double Bubble all over the place.

Check out my how-to on creating the Double Bubble here:


I also wanted to find some other cute, fun-bun hair styles, and here’s what I found:



I love this three-bun version of the Double Bubble.  You just start by sectioning the very top of your hair, then the middle, and then the lower back. This is a great style if you want something a little more edgy.




This is like the bun version of pig-tails. You can either way them high, or low. This look is super versatile and works for long or short hair.



This hairstyle combines two of my favorites- the boxer braid and the messy top bun!


And finally, we have the half bun!  This looks so chic, and nonchalant. Great for those days when you just don’t feel like doing much to your hair.


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Would you wear your hair in any of these fun buns?