What Face Shape Do I Have?

Face Shapes Chart | SB Beauty

Face shapes. It is well talked about but so many people voice that it’s hard to determine what they have. If you’re in this boat, this post is for you. Once you know, you’ll be able to make better choices with your hair and makeup. You’ll be more accurate in your decision making and more confident with the finished product.


Pull your hair all the way back off your face. Take a well lit picture, looking straight on. Print out your picture. With marker, draw an outline around your face and the line will clearly show your face shape.


Now that your discovered your face shape, you can start making better decisions that suit your face. Below are some hair goals for each shape. (Also see your Bangs by Face Shape!)

OVAL: If you have this face shape you can wear any style! Lucky you!

ROUND: Goal is to elongate the face – wear your hair long, add soft textured bits around your face or try styling a Pomp with your fringe to lengthen the face.

SQUARE: Goal is to soften the corners of your face. Try a curtain like fringe that is shorter in the middle and gets longer toward the corners. Keep your length to soften the corners of your jaw.

TRIANGULAR: Goal is to widen the forehead. Try wearing a blunt straight across fringe and add a few textured bits around your jawline to soften the corners.

OBLONG: Goal is to shorten and widen the face. Keep it above your shoulders and if you’re brave go for a sassy little pixie, do! Straight across fringe or side bangs will also look great!

DIAMOND: Goal is to reduce the width at the cheekbones and shorten the overall length. Try a chin length bob or shoulder length styles with wispy kicked out bits.

HEART: Goal is to decrease width of the forehead and increase the width of the lower part of the face. A long, side-swept fringe that still shows off the forehead will provide length to the face.

What shape face are you? Share  your traced photos with #SBbeauty to get more tips on your shape!