Face Masks and Hair Towel, Oh My!


I travel a lot for work- sometimes it feels like I’m on an airplane every couple of days! When you spend lots of time working and traveling, it’s important to give yourself some downtime and PAMPER yourself.

One of my favorite ways to do that is by putting my hair in a hair mask, wrapping it in my Signature Hair Towel, and then doing face masks. You can read all about the multiple uses and benefits of using my hair towel here.

My two current favorite face masks are by Glossier.  I start out with the Mega Green Galaxy Pack face mask. It’s super great for detoxing your face, and getting rid of any build up in your pores. It also tightens and brightens your skin!

Secondly, I use their Moisturizing Moon Mask, and let me tell you, its a dream. I took a little mini-vacay to the Bahamas, and afterwards my skin was so dry from spending so much time in the water and sun. This mask is super moisturizing, and my skin just lapped it up. It felt so luxurious, and afterwards my skin was super soft and moisturized.



What are your favorite post-travel beauty rituals?

  • I’m going to travel soon, so I guess I should schedule in some pampering time tonight! I love the sound of that Moon Mask. I never put a towel around my hair after showering though… I just comb it through and leave it to airdry.