Face Contouring


In the past few years, contouring has made its way from the professional makeup chair into the bathrooms of anyone who has access to Youtube and the right tools. When done right, it can make your face look more balanced, and create structure (even when there isn’t any). Done wrong, and your face might end up looking streaky and blotchy.

Lucky for you, I have a method that will make contouring your face is as easy as 1 2 3. You can easily sculpt the shape of your face and eyes using just a bronzer. This is my on-the-go, quick how-to for face contouring. You’ll need your favorite bronzer and a narrow blush brush .

If you need  need help picking the perfect bronzer color, then check out this post on bronzers. Remember to blend blend blend and use a shade that is one or two shades darker than your actual skin tone!



Three easy steps

1. Get your kissy face on (you know exactly what I’m talking about!), as this will show your exact cheek bones. Draw a 3 shape starting at hairline to check bones and then along your jawline blending into your neck.

2. Narrow your brush and sweep across eyelids focusing on the crease and top of lid. Use fingers if needed, to remove or blend.

3. Customize your contour depending on your face shape. (Don’t know your face shape? Find out.)

This is technically the most symmetrical bone structure so you are looking to accentuate it.
Bronze towards the temple, along and under cheekbones.

You want to create the illusion of more length in the face and widen the sides of the temple.
Bronze under cheekbones slightly towards temples. Shade lower half of face over the angles of the lower jaw.

You want to soften jaw line, reduce the width of the forehead and lower part of the face.
Apply bronzer at the corners of the jaw and temples using a circular motion the around the face and to the chin.

Goal is to reduce width of forehead and widen jaw.
Bronze corners of forehead bronze under cheekbones.

You’re looking to create fullness at center of face and widen temples and jaw slightly
Apply bronzer to the narrowest part of the chin and forehead.

You want to reduce the illusion of length, add fullness and width
Apply bronzer along the hairline and point of the chin.

Goal is to create width in the forehead and reduce the width of the jaw
Focus bronzer along the jawline and neck blending up along sides of face and then below cheekbones.


And for that ijustwentonvacation look, watch my Bronze Babe video.

Do you contour? What is your favorite bronzer to contour with?

  • Hi Sunnie,

    One doubt, what is your face shape?
    I think we have to same faceshape hahah but I can never say exactly what is mine by looking at the drawings or photos.


    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Shana,

      My face shape is oval but when i smile it goes real round cause I got cheeky cheeks 🙂 Have you tried pulling your hair back and then taking a picture? print it out and compare with other face shapes. You can email me a pic and I can tell you if you want. sunniebrook@me.com

  • Very helpful tips! Love your videos, please do more!
    Quick questions- what is your nail polish and lipstick/gloss for this one?

  • Laura

    Awesome guide! I always struggle with this stuff getting contouring right but this helped heaps 🙂

  • As a pregnant mom to a 8 month old, this post has changed my life. These days it is rare to catch a glimpse of myself and think “ooh, pretty!”, but that’s what happened! I spent some alone mommy time and money getting a bronzer, and went to town. Thank you for helping make us mommies more beautiful. It really matters in our small worlds.

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you so much for sending this comment! Really made my day that I was able to help you. You sound like
      a beautiful thoughtful lady 🙂 xoxo