Enhancing Your Lips Video


It’s all about the lips these days. Luckily you don’t have to resort to drastic measures to get your lips looking luscious and full. Just a little lipliner and some finesse and you can make your lips look kissable and gorgeous.

All you need is this lipliner. I swear by it, so does Kylie Jenner apparently! It’s mauve pink color enhances your lips without making them look TOO drawn on.

Here’s how to make your lips look fuller and super kissable.

  1. Start applying the lip liner at the bow of your lip, just following your lipline.
  2. Continue at the bottom.
  3. Once you’ve defined your lips, fill them in using the lipliner.
  4. Use this lip balm and tap it on your lips to marry the color to your lips.



What’s your favorite lipliner?  What do you think about enhancing your lips?

  • I just picked up two new lip liners today. Ever since I haven’t been able to find my PERFECT nude anymore (Upper Brown Side by Catrice) I’ve been hunting for an new HG nude color…

  • Great video! Love a good natural lip liner 🙂