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Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the day doing all of my favorite things in Los Angeles with Kim from Eat Sleep Wear! Kim invited Jenna to come along and take photos so we could share our day with you!

eat sleep wear head and shoulders

We took a walk down Abott Kinney to one of my favorite places, Axe,  for brunch on the west side of LA.
We both had a laugh about our unplanned twinsie denim dresses! The easy go to look for summer and frolicking around the city from day to night!

axe restaurant eat sleep wear head and shoulders

axe restaurant eat sleep wear head and shoulders

The decor is simple with well designed wood details, a few delicious menu options (who wants to think too much on the weekends!) and a beautiful garden in the back which is the perfect setting for a larger group of brunchers. We tried to sneak a photo of the garden but it was booked for an event.

sunnie brook eat sleep wear axe restaurant head and shoulders

Bacon x2. Eggs + Herbs. Cappuccino’s. Bread & Jam and lots of laughs!



marina del rey beach sunnie brook eat sleep wear head and shoulders

Next stop Marina Del Rey Beach!

eat sleep wear sunnie brook beach head and shoulders

One of my favorite beaches in LA as it’s not too far  from me, minimal people, a pier to walk out on for viewing, and lots of pretty sailboats to look at. Some days I bring my bike and ride all the way out to Malibu for tons of people watching along the way and then a treat, usually ice cream, on the way back.

coach bag steve madden shoes sunnie brook eat sleep wear

Dress: Bella Dahl at Anthropology
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Steve Madden
Towel: Sunnie Brook Signature Towel


eat sleep wear head and shoulders sunnie brook

Hat: Glady Tamez
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Saint Laurent
sailboat marina delrey eat sleep wear sunnie brook

marina del rey beach eat sleep wear head and shoulders

We both love long walks on the beach hahaha!

beach hair eat sleep wear sunnie brook

Beach hair is the best! A go to look for both of us!
Sunnies (left to right)  Elizabeth & James, Ray -Bans

marina del rey beach eat sleep wear sunnie brook head and shoulders


beach eat sleep wear hair sunglasses

Enjoying the sunshine laying on my beach blanket!
Chatting about Kim’s wedding and what she is planning for her dress and hairstyle on the day!

ramirez tran hair salon color haircut beverly hills

Next stop Ramirez Tran Salon so I can shampoo + style Kim’s hair for our Friday night out!  I take clients here
from time to time. To get the insider info on when I’m working there sign up here.

before and after hair eat sleep wear how to beach waves

Kim and I decided to give her loose soft texture that had movement and volume.  I really wanted to give her a look that she could re-create on herself at home with out any brushes during her blow dry. I call it the “Mermaid Mane”. Here’s her before and after.

head and shoulders eat sleep wear hair shampoo how to sunnie brook

Every hairstyle starts with a healthy scalp because that leads to healthy hair! We started by using Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue. I chose this one for her because she has long locks and needs the extra strength in her hair. Damage rescue makes hair up to 10x stronger and doesn’t build up on the hair like other shampoo and conditioners. That helps her style last longer and gives her great looking hair. We both love the peachy smell which actually becomes even stronger when activated with water because of the fresh scent technology.

hair how to head and shoulders eat sleep wear sunnie brook

In sections, I applied Kevin Murphy Volumizing Foam  and then dried sections using my hands. Keep the top section tied up and away so that you have more ease  and control while drying. To get maximum volume blow dry hair by lifting it up towards the ceiling.


Once dry, wrap up large sections in pin curls and clip in place so that they cool down and hold the shape. Finish drying the top section lifting it up to the ceiling with your hands to give it maximum volume.


Once the top is all dry roll it into a pincurl back away from the face. This will give it movement and keep it from falling forward all day. I used a fine mist hairspray to lock the look in.

texture hair sunnie brook head and shoulders how to beauty

To add volume and texture use a small crimper or Sam Villa texture iron on the interior of the hair. Keep the pieces around the face and top of the head as is so they cover the textured pieces. This is a great trick to create volume that lasts all day with out doing a lot of teasing.

eat sleep wear how to hair beach waves head and shoulders

Once curls are cool, take clips out and give hair a shake. Add a bit more of the fine mist hairspray if you want. I used Oribe dry texture spray to give her even more wow in her waves!


sunnie brook ramirez tran salon eat sleep wear

The finished look! What do you think?!

ramirez tran salon hair sunnie brook

Said hello to my friends and salon owners Johnny Ramirez (haircolorist) & Anh CoTran (haircutter).

johnny ramirez ahn cotran sunnie brook salon hair


perch restaurant head and shoulders eat sleep wear sunnie brook

Rooftop views in downtown Los Angeles for Happy Hour at Perch Restaurant!


perch restaurant eat sleep wear sunnie brook

Rose and recap of our favorite moments of the day.
Jackets (left to right) Club Monaco, Rachel Zoe

sunnie brook eat sleep wear

To see more photos from our day together check out #OwnthePart.
What are some of your favorite places to go in LA?


perch restaurant head and shoulders eat sleep wear sunnie brook





  • Wow.. after reading your post it feels like you have had loads of fun ! Not to mention – lovely pictures !