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For the fall issue of Darling Magazine we decided to do a campaign called #RealNotRetouched. All the photos in the issue are of real women (including these!) just as they are! Working on photoshoots I see alot of images before they go to the retoucher and it’s pretty magical what they can do in photoshop. Working on this beauty story but not having that option was a great challenge for the makeup artist, Anna and me,  but very rewarding! Being Beauty Editor with an amazing team of people who are about the Art of Being a Woman is inspiring! It’s not just a magazine but a movement . . . .

Here are a few tips on how to change up your look for fall just by shifting your part.



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One of the easiest ways you can shift your look is by switching up your part. The important thing to start with is a healthy scalp that shows off your part. Begin with Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner to ensure you have the foundation for your look. Then use Bumble and Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse applied from roots to ends on semi-damp hair. To create maximum volume, blow dry hair in the opposite direction. Once completely dry, take 1-inch sections, spray with Leonor Greyl Voluforme Hairspray and wrap the ends of the hair around a 11⁄2-inch curling iron to add polish and bounce to your waves. Let cool completely before brushing out to ensure your style stays all day long. Then choose your part …


Face shape: oval, square or round

If you already wear your hair on the side, try switching it to the other side to create more volume or take a deeper side part for a more swept across look. Wondering where to put the part on the side? Use the center of your eye as a guide or the outer corner of your eye for a deeper part.


Face shape: oval, square, round or heart

Middle parts can seem like the easiest hairdo possible but getting that part perfectly straight can leave one frazzled. The trick is to comb your hair back when it is wet. Then use the tip of the comb to create your part. If you miss any pieces, using the tip will also help you easily clean it up.


Face shape: oval, round or triangle (narrow forehead)

If you’ve tried the side and the middle and are blasé about both, try applying a thickening lotion and combing your hair when it’s wet, back off your face. As it dries you can keep it away from your face or opt for flipping your hair to the side or letting it fall into its natural part.

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