Curls While You Sleep

Guess what girls?!  It’s BACK IN STOCK!

This Curls While You Sleep Kit is perfect for any lady who loves to get glamorous without much work. My twist on classic rag curls is quick & easy and will leave you with a head full of body that lasts for days. Hair that works all night so you don’t have to!


WHY I HANDPICKED THIS SPRAY GEL : I tried so many different spray gels — some were sticky or flaky or smelled like alcohol. Eww. But this one smells like rosemary & citrus and, as an extra bonus, organic. It’s so nice to read the ingredients and know how to pronounce the words! I use this on set when doing blowouts or a sped-up version of this curling technique. (I use the blowdryer or diffuser on hair wrapped around the headband.) Even though it has super holding strength, it is always brushable, giving me a lot of options when needing to change styles. This spray gel doubles as a great product for smoothing down flyways, too.

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  • I often braid my hair when it’s wet and then sleep in it. That gives me slightly wavy hair. It doesn’t hold very long though, so I guess I should use product.

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