Coachella Cool for Under $40


Coachella = Woahchella! is an explosion of music, fun, fashion, and friendship every year! The fest is just around the corner! The first time I went I had just as much fun getting creative and expressive with my hair and makeup as I did frolicking thru the festival. People watching at this festival is tons of entertainment in and of itself. Whether you are a conservative country girl or free flying hippie these items will help you push the envelope on your attire, keep you cool, and provide double duty on your essentials. Here are a few of my last minute must-haves!


Lucas Papaw Ointment

The Aussies have it right with this powerhouse ointment. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and can be used as a topical application for minor burns, sunburns, cuts, open wounds, insect bites, splinters, and thorns. Oh and it’s an amazing lip balm!


Leave your vintage Dior shades at home and get cheap sunnies that you won’t care about getting lost or smashed up.

Glow in the Dark Nails

Sundown these pretty colors turn into nighttime fun! Use as a paint on fabric or jewelry too.

Colored Hair Spray

Graffiti for your mane! ¬†Go rainbow bright or pastel pony. Seek out colored sprays and hairchalks. These also give you the benefit of what dry shampoo does for your hair = texture and greasy free do’s.

Metallic Body Paint or Henna

Skip wearing lots of jewelry this year and opt for painting your body with metallic paint. Another option, if you have time before Coachella get some henna on your fingers and toes.

SB Beauty Towel

If you haven’t seen all the magical things this towel/wrap/blanket/skirt can do then check out this video! I take mine with me on all my travels because it is such a lifesaver and adorable to boot! ON SALE FOR $40!

Sunnie Brook Hair Towel

Floral Dress

Cotton or Silk will be the coziest and keep you cool. Pair this sweet flower girl number with a denim vest, bandana, and boots for a cute look!


Finger Bling! This collection of mixed metals and textures will go with any and all your looks. Plus, they will layer well with any bigger sized rings you may fancy wearing. If you’re a dancer wearing arm and hand jewelry is a bit more freeing.


Cover your dirty do or dress up your look with this pretty print that will go well with a black dress or denim look.


Layer your outfit with this playful number so that when it’s roasty-toasty in the afternoon you can work on your tan, then cover up when the sun goes down.


A must in the desert! This goes on grease free, worry free of streaking. Luckily with the spray bottle you don’t have to fuss about having product left on your hands.

Denim Vest

Layer over a crop top or dress and add some patches or fringe to create a fun look. Having extra pockets to carry your items is a major plus too.

Are you going to Coachella? Check out my pinterest inspo-board!

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