Clip-in Hair Extensions

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I love Clip-in Hair Extensions because you can be Rapunzel one day and your normal self the next – without the commitment of fused-in extensions. They also keep your hair from breaking, are very affordable and can be found right in your local beauty store. The key is to buy high quality human hair extensions that can be curled, straightened and styled just like your own! AND the better the quality the fuller the strands and the longer they will last. Have fun!

  • Hi! First of all I love your blog and tutorials! I have a question about the clip in extensions… I would love to add extensions into my kit to give my clients the option, but I don’t know what brand/styles I should invest in… any advice for extension newbie? 🙂

    • Sunnie Brook

      Hi Jess,

      Thank you! If you are LA based I go to a place called The HairShoppe on Wilshire that has great quality, selection and prices. Another brand I really like is Raccoon
      Great selection + people to work with. For styles I would look for 100% human hair and a type that takes curl.
      For colors I started with a selection of levels 5, 7, and 9 because they tend to blend well with most colors and choose more of a neutral tone. Also, when you go in or order online ask what they’re most popular colors are. Hope that helps.

  • Maria Eleana

    I want hair extensions after short hair for so long I would like to have my long hair back . Though I want to have my face done first and my blepharospalasty done together then hair extensions .