Clip-In Extensions


Clip-In Extensions

Adding volume and length to your hair can be super simple by adding clip-in hair extensions. It takes almost no time at all, and within minutes you can add inches to your hair. The trick is using really good extensions, made out of real human hair.


One of my favorite hair extension brands is BeautyWorks.  I’ve written about how much I like this brand before,  and I use their hair in my kit all the time. It’s high-quality, 100% human Remy hair. This is super important, because if it’s a bad quality, it’ll start looking ratty and dull really fast.  They have so many colors to choose from, that it’s super easy to find something that will match or easily blend in with your hair!

Some extension brands make a 7 pack of clip ins which can be a lot of trouble trying to get them in on yourself. These ones I use in the video are one thick weft with just 4 clips. Making it super simple and time saving. There are just a couple important steps you should take in order to keep them from falling out and to help them look natural. Here is a video I made to help you.



  1. Section your hair off starting at your brow line, and go all around your head.
  2. Tie off the top part of your hair with an elastic or clip.
  3. Back Comb the top section of the hair that is down.
  4. The key to backcombing is that you just push in the hair to create a little cushion rather than going back and forth.
  5. Take your extensions, and begin by fastening the ones in the middle back of your hair.
  6. Fasten the remaining ones to your hair.
  7. Add texture by using a beach spray to blend. Scrunch into hair creating waves. Let air dry or touch up with a curling iron.
  8. If you want it to look even more real, take your extensions with you the next time you visit you hairstylist, and have them cut it to match your hair.


Check out this Pinterest for some long hair inspiration! I also have this great DIY for creating a super long, faux-ponytail. It’s a fun and easy way to give yourself an Arianna Grande pony for a night!


Have you worn clip-in extensions? Which are your favorites?

  • I used to have some clip-ins but I ended up throwing them away because I just couldn’t stand the weight and the tugging 🙁